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Bimal Pant’s US Visit

Traveling to the United States was my first international visit so I was eager for the experience. On June 29, 2019, I along with my colleagues Jeevan Timilsina and Harish Thagunna started our journey from Tribhuwan International Airport. We had a long transit of 17 hours, so we got plenty of time to rest in Doha, Qatar. We were picked up by the hotel representative at Hamad International Airport. Our stay was at the hotel Concorde International. The hotel was big and nice. We enjoyed swimming in the backyard of the hotel for an hour. We also managed to roam around the city on a very hot evening. The next day on June 30, we headed for Logan International Airport, Boston. I was excited about my trip. As Jeevan Dai, was there for all the experience of international travel, it was fun for all of us. On July 1st, we reached Boston. After some essential paperwork at the airport, we took a taxi to Ashay Dai’s place at Bedford. We met Ramesh Sapkota and Sanjay Shrestha at the residence.

This was a very long day for us. We have traveled half the world and reached our destination. Ramesh and Sanjay Dai had dinner with us and they left for the airport for the return trip to Nepal. We were very tired and went to bed early.

The next day we booked an Uber ride to Deerwalk Boston office at Lexington. The office looks nice and ambient. It was really fun to meet all the people at Deerwalk US office. I already had a conversation with many of US employees, but it was great to meet them in person. Awanish Dai provided me the laptop with everything setup. The week passed by with normal office work. I was able to attend a few client calls with Kishor.

We had July 4th(Independence Day) on our first weekend. I along with Prakash Dai went to Sagar Dai’s residence for that weekend. We had a great party there. For the fireworks, we went to Waltham city fireworks. The fireworks started when we just reached the city location, so we did not have to park the vehicle and observed the fireworks from a great location. This was the greatest fireworks I have ever seen which continued for about 15 minutes. After it had finished, we headed towards home and had dinner.

The next day, we along with Manish Dai went to Harvard and MIT. We had a bit of an issue with parking but ultimately, we got the spot and went for a walk around. That was a great experience to be there in person. We spent some time strolling around and enjoying the views. We stopped for lunch in an Indian food restaurant.

The next weekend was a beach day organized by Sanjeev Dai. We went to Seagull beach. I was very excited about my first beach visit. It was around 2 hour drive from Bedford, where we were staying. On the third weekend, I went to my brother’s residence at Hartford, Connecticut. From there I took a bus to New York. It was very hot and humid day. I was surprised by the immensity of the city. It was a never ending sea of buildings. You could never escape the skyscrapers. I took the Hop off bus ticket and circled the city viewing the gigantic buildings and monuments. Guides on the bus continuously provided the information about city areas. It was a great experience to roam around New York, visiting the illuminated Times Square with a coffee at McDonalds.

For the last weekend, it was yet another beach plan. Around 14 of us went to the Salisbury beach. The waves were great. We enjoyed swimming in the waves. We had our snacks there and headed towards Bedford with Sanjeev Dai. On the way to our home, we visited sand sculpting festival near Boston and had coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.

All in all, it was an experience of a lifetime to visit such famous places in the United States, know about people, unique culture, and lifestyle.

[Bimal Pant, Data Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from June 30, 2019 to July 30, 2019]