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Dikesh Joshi (Rider) & Siris Bajracharya [Yamaha Enticer 125 cc],
Sachin Shrestha (Rider) & Sudeep Adiga [Suzuki GN 125 cc],
Pradipna Gautam (Rider) & Niraj Shah [Bajaj Avenger 180 cc],

Destination: Dolalghat

Total Kilo Meters: 130 KM (Up and Down)

Date: Saturday, Dec 30, 2006

Photographer: Dikesh Joshi & Siris Bajracharya

Report: Siris Bajaracharya

Photo Captions: Dikesh


“Big boys like playing with their favorite toys and while they are at it, their girlfriends are keeping a watchful eye on their men who for one day seem to be paying a lot more attention to other beauties – their bikes”

Biker Boys in Action, Ready Get Set…On Saturday morning when the roads of Kathmandu were still sleepy, 6 bikers donned their helmets, strided out onto their vehicles and zoomed through the busy streets of Kathmandu and headed towards DolalGhat. Driving away from the streets of seldom emptiness, the bikers had a day out to enjoy the most talked-about destination, a destination with a taste of the best fishes in town.
Delicious Fried Fish in DolalGhat, isn’t it mouth watering?

Dikesh, Pradipna, Sudeep, Siris, Sachin

Niraj, Siris, Sudeep, Pradipna & Sachin


This ride to DolalGhat on the roaring two wheeler beauties was a thrill in itself. Bikers enjoyed the ride on the silky roads with a feel of fresh gust of wind touching their soul. It is said, “Four wheels move the body and two wheels move the soul” and whatever it is, it’s better in the wind.

Loanly road waiting for the biker boys

Along the road, enjoying the breathtaking sceneries, the bikers had a taste of juicy oranges that were being sold on the way. With a refreshing kick start, the bikers cruised along the Arniko highway leaving behind all the day-to-day work-loads. The roaring beauties took the bikers on to their destination in about 1 hour from Bhaktapur. Approaching Dolalghat the bikers had a mouth-watering and luscious aroma of fresh cooked fish on the markets side-by.

Leaving their beauties besides the river, the bikers then started an adventurous hiking on to the mountains nearby.


The Thrilling Machine, 110 KM/HR 🙂

Dikesh And Siris. btw, who iz clicking the pic?

Pradipna, Sudeep, Sachin, Siris and Dikesh at Dolalghat

Pradipna, Sudeep, Sachin, Siris and Niraj at Dolalghat

Niraj crossing river through the deadly bridge

Deadly Bridge

More adventurous was the bridge that looked like it was about to crumple down any time. The bridge reminded the bikers about the veracity of LIFE.

Looking at the bridge, as compared to life, although whatever be the condition we bikers loved and enjoyed every bit of the moment while crossing it, hoping that it would fetch us new hopes ahead. Well, the bikers knew that they should seize the time and enjoy every bit of it as it comes.


Sudeep, Siris and Niraj…hiking around the hills

Crossing the river

Crossing the river (Niraj, Sudeep, Pradipna & Dikesh)

Smiling for the picture

Niraj eXplaining the thing…

The bikers also enjoyed lovely and breath-taking sceneries at the place which simply forced them to be a part of nature.

Dolalghat River

With the lip smacking fishes and such a pleasant environment, the moment was simply bliss.

Along the way, we also found a small home made factory of Gagri.

Making Gagries

The workers were busy making those gagries. We realized that all those hammerings, heating and shaping would finally create a beautiful architecture.

New Year Resolution. Smoking and Drinking kills (Did you understand the Caption…read it carefully)

Dolalgat river


Tree in the water

The hotel

Another destination planned for hiking, View from the Hotel

We reached to the destination and started Rock climbing. Sudeep, Siris, Niraj, Sachin

Niraj and Sachin

Sachin & friends in the Peak

Relaxing guy…guess who?

Bikers in action, Returning from Dolalghat. Sachin, Pradipna & Dikesh

Bikers in action 2. Sudeep, Niraj & Siris

Siris, why??? 🙂

After biking, Bowling time… 🙂

Sachin in action

Digital biking…Gaming stations at Soltee Hotel. Dikesh in action

Niraj in action

Siris in action

Sachin in action

At last Pool time, Niraj breaking the balls

All in all, the experience in biking was an achievement in itself. The bikers got hold of their beauties once again, and sailed back to Kathmandu, hoping for yet another memorable ride to some new destination.

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  1. hi,
    nice blog, i myself m into riding have done lots of trip, recently had been to badrinath, Uttaranchal…from mumbai……nd hv been plannig to ride north east..nxt is mt.kanchanzonga or mt. everest…. i m unable to get much of reference about the roads and maps……so if u guys can help… it would be grt nd if possible can look forward to ride together……i hv my blog posted on royalenfield.com i.e maiden run “Land of gods!

    safe riding

  2. Helloooo….how are you guys doing? Bikers day out sounds cool. You guys must had great time. I love bikers boy… wink:

  3. wow!!! seems like you guys had loads of fun. keep on going bikers’ day out and keep on sharing pictures…

  4. hay bro’s………..
    that’s good fun n gat togather with frn i like it but
    i think its not bikers……hamipani ta mounth ko 1 choti dholalghat janchu ne………..
    here is no any stunned pic………….
    Don’t mind………

  5. माओ भाईलाई झत्का लाग्यो जस्तो छ ।

    ल ठिकै भयो । 🙂

  6. Mao bhai ko aajkaal kaam chaina ani ke garos ta bichara…baru yaha nachaine kura post garnu ko satta hathiyar byabasthapan garna tira laagne po ho ki

  7. माओ भाईलाई लेख्नन पढन गर्न बल्ल फुर्सद पाए जस्तो छ। ठिकै भो।

  8. Hey guys
    How Nisthuri u all …..don’t u remember yr Friends in this Adventurious journey and ur GFs when u crossed the deadly bridge..?
    Anyway hope u enjoyed till LAST DROP…..

  9. Hi Maoist,

    Every people have their own thoughts and loves to enjoy doing something they like. You might like enjoying killing people and running between jungles and all but from where we see, we hate those things from the core of our heart. Similarly, I can understand that you might not like what we have experienced. Its not a big deal. And I guess you should also not be jealous and shouting here to spoil our party. But if this is what you enjoy most than OK keep on going. Keep posting … we are not going to cancel our trip just because of your threat or because you don’t like it. WE WILL BE DOING WHAT WE LIKE.

  10. Hi CMN Mao,

    You’d have posted this comment in early post. This can be assimilated. But the first comment was ghastly comparision. Its a horrible bitter feelings you’ve jotted down here. Threatening others is a crime. Why and what for? Is this your jealousy? Or your frustration? I want to be myself and they tried to be themselves. No one can be “You”. If you are that enthusiastic to travel like they did…infact with more capabilities as you said then go ahead. And I hope this time you will travel in Harly…or whatever.. with your own choice of colour. Don’t take me otherwise. I’m only telling you to not to threaten others for good things what they did…better be careful for what you are doing and don’t ever insist others to be “YOU”. Whatsoever…you’ve said…in my view..they did wonderful and exciting experience. Keep on going friends…

  11. I wish I also had adventurous moments like you all did…..waww….great choice !! Dikesh Bhai you look cool and sudeep dai, always keep on smiling hai. Pls do remeber us when you visit another beautiful place perhaps we’ll join you…; )

  12. SATYA Sadhai TITO nai huncha.Hera sathi haru timiharuko Heading ( BIKER’s Day Out ) jun cha ni. Tyo anusar timiharuko Style and attituted BIKERS haruko nabhai HERO CYCLERS jasto cha.
    * HARLEY kinna Paisa hoina Man Chahincha.At least timihur ko bike equal or above 180 cc bhayako bhaya pani lau bhanu.( june nepal ma available pani ch hoina??? )
    Nepal ma kasile nadekheko ra nakheleko games haru bhanera Video Game ko photo,Bowling ko photo, Pool kheleko photo bhanera dekhauna rakheko ho? Khali Gagro is considered as ill omen in Nepal ho ki hoina?Gagro thado parera photo khichna sakinna??
    Dandko bhitta koparera afulai SPIDER MAN bhanuna lageko ho? BIKERS harule….
    Photo haru khichna at least ramro digital camera use garnu next time.Photo haru ko quality k sanchai web ma rakhna layako cha ta?
    Dahade gareko bhanera bhannu bhako rahecha . Yo photoharu sansar bhariko manche le herna sakcha. Ani Real Bikers harule kasto joke gardo hola sathiaruko.J bhaya pani aru kasaile joke nagarun nepali haruko.Next time photo haru up load garda Theme anusar ko photo haru rakhnu.Photo ma kasaiko pani face haru clear chaina? Clear face bhayko photo upload garnu hai.

    Submitted By
    Area Commander ( CMN Mao )

  13. Dear Dr. Pilot,
    Harley Davidson chadna ta…ki ghushya ko choro huna paryo…ki smuggler, ki chor, ki tapai justo bank lutne, janta maarne maubaadi hunu paryo

  14. Wow wow wow….TWO thumbs up for Prad!!!

    That’s what I wanted to say! Jasle bhane pani yeutai ho…

    Jealous manche lai khai k bhanne? I think we sud take him/her for a ride toooooooo…
    Let’s go mate (Area Commander / Doctor pilot)

  15. Masti garnelae masti garna deu, resaune lae risaunai deu, yo sabai Maya Ho, Je vaye ni Balai vayena ni..

  16. Kasaile gareko ramailo dekhna nasakne manche lai k bhannu. Thikai cha indian bike ho nepal ma basera India ko kehi nacalaune nalagaune manche ta biralai hola. Anyways Daha garne harulai hamro bhannu kehi chaina. Blog ma testai comment bhaye pani lekhidiyeko ma dhanyabad.

  17. Yasto fokatiya tour ko photo rakhera timiharu jyada hero baneko ho?

    Thotro enticer ra 25,000 nai najane chinese sticker (suzuki) taseko bike chadera dherai hero banchas?
    Tyo Deadly bridge bhaneko bata hami dinko 100 choti ohar dohar garchau.
    Janakpur ko basi macha lai Dolalghat ko macha bhanera jhukyauchas.
    Tyo macha dekhera mukhma pani hoina petma gadbadi suruhuncha.
    Bike ko color pakhe le pani jindagima kahilayi pani na kinne color ko bike ho timiharuko.

    Thotro indian bike chadera BIKERS bhanaune afulai. Jhan HARLEY Chadeko bhaya k bhanne timiharulai?

    Timiharule helmet kasko chorera Lyako ho? Bike kasko ? Bhadako ho?
    Dada mathi chadeko ho ko gaunle le lakhateko. Suntala( Orange )Chorera Bhagekole.

    Suntala Chor Desh Chod !!!!!!!!
    Suntala Chor lai phasi de, Phasi de!!!!!!!

    (Ab Kahilay DolalGhat Aais bhane………)
    Submited By:
    Area Commander

  18. This is an overwhelming response, looks like there are lots of us who wants to enjoy long rides on their beauties. All the interested riders please contact with any of us riders for your valuable company to enjoy the charm and beauty of “DAMAN”. Lord may be kind enough to shower us with snow.

    Riders Rock!!!!

  19. Biking to DolalGhat was simply refreshing and great adventure, with all our two wheeler beauties roaring along the road. A motorcycle is definitely a system of concepts worked out in steel.

    We are definitely going to continue such adventurous moods and burn more rubber on the road. Driving along the plain and smooth highways is definitely a memorable experience and of course… we enjoyed every moment of it as life is too short for traffic.

    However, we the bikers fully understand that “Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy” and we would never ride faster than our guardian angels can fly. Yeah! Speed- limits as Dikesh has said.

    ENJOY ! and drive safe.

  20. Hi Sujata,
    We actually crossed that deadly bhateko pul…a plank fell down while we were crossing that bridge. That was pretty scary. Anyway it was fun though.


    Sure looks like u had a blast ..quite an adventure as well ..hiking, rockclimbing,crossing rivers n things WOW!! now thats wat i call fun ..by the way u dint cross the deadly bhatkeko pul did you?? u should have actually crossed it to make it more adventurous.

    Anywayz ajhai more fun stuff plan hudai recha ..keep it up ! ahile moj nagare kahile garne haina ta

    RAWK ON BIKER BOY ..!!.. CHEERS..!!..

  22. One night stay in Daman will be Good idea and We should make it when there is snow fall.. What do you say team members..??

  23. CBR… ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.. I will bring my CBR too for the Destination DAMAN. Yeah we will ROCK. GO BIKING…..

  24. No bike??? No worries!
    You can simply sit back in ur fren’s bike. Solo biking is NOT allowed in our biking…and we have planned for ‘Bikers day out’ in every 2 weeks (if possible)

    Speed limit:
    80KM/HR max
    40KM/HR min

    Bikers Rulez…safe riding!

  25. Yeah ! Let’s shoot to DAMAN ! Would be great FUN ! Count me in Niraj ! I will bring my Yamaha Delux 250 as well !

  26. NEXT DESTINATION –> DAMAN ! That is simply awesome !!! …What about adding flavour to it…what about a one night stay ! OR camping? It would be GREAT fun !

  27. Makes me sing…

    Ridin the storm out, waitin for the thaw out
    On a full moon night in the rocky mountain winter.
    My wine bottles low, watching for the snow
    I’ve been thinking lately of what I’m missing in the city.

    And I’m not missing a thing
    Watchin the full moon crossing the range
    Ridin the storm out
    Ridin the storm out.

    Prad, I should’ve accepted your offer…I’m definitely up for “DAMAN”.

  28. Nice Way of having fun.Seems very Fun and nice.Dikesh you look very handsome and cute.You look cool in that jacket and nice hair.








  30. la la Moj gara sathi ho moj gara maukai yehi ho sathiho ahile samma bela chha sathi haru sikri badi sake pachi thaha paunchha hiking ,biking everything

  31. Get Well Soon Promod!!!

    Hope you won’t miss the next trip. I am sure you will have a lot of fun.

  32. Hey dikesh looking great who took those pics …. I must say that person has keen knowledge coz i liked every snap clear and meaningful Above all that the site itself is great the idea is great sharing your experience and fun with frens man ……. I have gone many places but forgot everything even Dolalghat now after seeing this i want to go again and i will go next month take my word man i will go

  33. Its really cool and good alternative to regular hiking. Guys, organize biking and other alternative sports.

  34. it is great to do the things together. Sharing same thing together is expanding the friendship and frienship is valuable. Keep riding and explore the bold and beauty. Some day i would like to join you guys. I am pleased for you guys, roll on wheel and keep rocking.

  35. This is just a start and it’s a NEW taste for the D2ein. I am sure this gonna be more eXciting, in up coming events! During last Dashain break, I had been to Pokhara in Bike and we had a blast, racing with each others bike…the road was so empty due to the festival & it was waiting for the Speed loving bikers…I am sure “Daman” will be the best for our next biking… Let’s enjoy the ride!

    Bikers Rulez…safe riding!

  36. What an exciting way to say BYE BYE 2006. I enjoyed each and every moment very much. Would be looking to kick my bike again and again.

  37. Thats simply awesome!!
    Fast bike ride, hiking, pool, bowling, and what not – all in one day.

    Definitely impressive.

    Don’t have a bike, need to hitch a ride to daman!!!

  38. Wow … its great to see u guys adding new spice in D2 course. I am sure it will rock and turn out to be a huge success. Lets bike.

  39. Monday to friday office, Sunday Hiking and now will go biking every saturday. Ha Ha no time for Home..

  40. Biking, hiking, rock climbing, bowling and gaming. All in a day’s time! The adventure spirit is commendable!!

  41. Going past 110 seems fun. I always wanted to do that but my hero honda does not allow it so I’m planning to get a new custom bike. That’ll be around 2010.
    btw, what r u guys doing riding on the rocks like that…perverts?

  42. Wow!!! A wholesome fun in a “SINGLE” day. Riding, hiking, bowling, climbing rocks and drinking also?? Are you impressed with the movies “Dil Chahata Hai” and “Rang De Basanti”. Well good going. We need that in life… A wholesome FUN.

  43. Kundai dai ko naya chillo rato “APACHE” ra heretic bro ko puranai bhaye pani CUSTOM Bike in bhayo aru ko ko cha ??

  44. It was three and a half month since i had touched my bike, after i had an accident. It felt so good to ride again. It was so refreshing. Next Destination “DAMAN” . I wanna start my bike for it right away :).

  45. Yeah.. a great moment that i missed and Niraj remembered to call me at NIGHT after having all those FUN. ळ अर्को चोटि time मै call गर है॥

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