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Bibek Lal Shrestha’s US Visit

April 1, 2018 at around 10 in the evening we bid farewell to our families and embark in a month long trip to the west.This was my first time in Qatar Airlines. Excited and enthralled, we departed from TIA in Airbus A320. 8 Hours transit in Doha was a little too much but we were determined that nothing would stop us; not even the uncomfortable seats in the airport-waiting-area which was our only option for a quick power nap. I enjoyed my flight from Doha to Boston with cognac sips and the amazing view of the ural mountain range. I managed to click few shots as Binita obliged to switch seat; super comfy middle for her window one. The view was mesmerising.

Abanish Dai with a welcoming smile received us from the airport and took us to Lexington office. After a brief meeting with the team there, we headed to Ashay dai’s home.

Weekdays : Ashay dai’s Castle To Deerwalk Inc in Suresh Dai’s Chariot

Our weekdays usually started with Black Coffee and Standup meetings early in the morning.
We would then prepare a task plan for the day and have a brief call with the team here in Nepal.
Friday mornings were exception – Bagel with Bacon and Cheese spread to start the day brought in weekend vibes.
Lunch time was like potluck lunch party almost everyday.
We would usually take leftovers from last night for our lunch but at times we had to manage with Waiwai, if not Rebecca’s.
Evenings were generally TJ Maxx visits, Burlington Mall tour or Costco grocery shopping.

Weekend 1 : New York City
Yellow Cabs – we almost wouldn’t have gotten into, if Manish dai hadn’t panicked and started running. After covering 6 to 7 blocks we realized that we wouldn’t be able to make it on time to catch our bus back to Boston.
Staten Island – The free ferry took us there.
Statue of Liberty – Is green 🙂 The view from the free ferry was not good enough.Therefore, we paid 20 bucks to get there.
Charging Bull – Overcrowded. Struggled to get a decent picture.
Madame Tussauds – I got to pose with Salvador Dali.
911 Memorial – Amazing monument.
Brooklyn bridge – Windy.
Empire State Building – Amazing view from 81st floor. 101 floor is a rip off.
Battery Park – Tourists riding bicycle and DJ’s playing Marvin Gaye.
Times Square – Upsurge of energy.

Weekend 2 : New Hampshire
Rainy Weekend trip to Walmart and Merrimac with Sanjeev dai.
Merrimac and Budweiser Brewery tour with Mukta di.
Nepali dinner night with Sanjeev dai.

Weekend 3: Vegas
Amazing City with Brahma’s Temple next to Caesars Palace. I cannot recall anything else.

Weekend 4: Boston Downtown
I really doubt anyone except for Nizu reached this part of the blog.She has to because she edits these.
However, If you are reading this – and you have plans to visit Boston – Quincy Market and Quincy are two different places. The redline from Alewife will directly take you to Park Street. Get down there and walk few blocks east and you are there.

Thank you Deerwalk for this opportunity.
I couldn’t thank you all enough for making our stay a pleasing one.Abanish dai, Ashay dai, Muna Bhauju,Mukta Di, ManishL, Rudra dai, Suresh dai, Sushant dai, Sanjeev dai, Smriti di for taking us to work and back home, for showing us around and taking us shopping, for hosting us and lastly for making our trip a memorable one.

Memorable Mentions:
Lexington- beautiful city with wooden houses and trees on the backdrop. Just like the movies.
Suresh dai’s Place – Yomari with the little rockstars.
Muna Bhauju hosting us for Dinner and Lunch the very next day.
Abanish dai’s place – Poker Night.
B1 Palace – Beer.
Margarita’s – Coronarita and free Nachos. Thumbs up to ‘make your own Burrito’ special.
TD Garden – Wore Bruins cap to Celtics game. Thanks to Dave for the tickets 🙂
Blue Fuji – Sushi with amazing crispy fillings.
Virsa De Punjab – All you can eat buffet.
Dunkin Donuts – Weekend breakfast.
Seasons 24 -Thanks to Rudra dai for New Year Eve Party. Rye Whisky not for me.
Harvard – Mandatory Click.
MIT – Reminded me of good old college days.
Sommerville – Tasty Momo.
IMAX Experience – Avengers.

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