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Between Dawn and The Dusk

At the crack of the dawn, a drama begins. The serenity of the stage slowly gives way to a soft musical – murmur: It’s the dawn chorus welcoming the characters. The stage itself is autonomous and lively. It yields harmony, the kind of harmony that exists between nature and mankind. Every life that dallies on the stage is bound to the rhythm of the time.

Every man readies himself to play a role, a role unknown to his-own-self. Soon, the turbidity in life begins, a sinister apparition …

starts to haunt every personality – this haunting in- comprehensibility is overlooked by mirth and laughter. All of us are naïve enough to believe that we know our roles to perfection. But this is just one of those numerous fallacies with us. Yet, we ought to know our roles, our parts, our acts, and our deeds…. Just to preserve our sanity. Very often, we tend to forget our own role because we are too preoccupied in admiring our role models. This is a case with everyone of us and no one is exceptional because every individual has a dastardly charter within him. Never has a soul realized that he is afraid of reality, so he illusions himself about his “Worthwhile” deeds throughout the drama – he allows his own mind to con his very existence succumbing to the invincible dark- realities of what is called “life”. Swinging to the two “Up” and “Down” poles of the ever pendulous life is an unavoidable routine with every individual, and this is reality: the hideous reality that laughs at the face of all the worldly aestheticism…. baring the futility of all the earthly goodness. This may be the reason as to why an individual is afraid of reality.

Most play the role of fools and many grade themselves as lovers. Majorities want to make men out of themselves, few succeed and many lose themselves into oblivion. As one of the characters ourselves, how are we dallying along with this complex phenomenon, dealing with all the characters that are themselves playing before our eyes? Let’s take the path to success, take pride in the role we play, and let’s develop positive thinking. Folly leads no-where but to improvement.

Betterment is needed after each step before dusk, because the vitality of our role evaporates after dusk. Time comes when the azure sky above loses its color, and is succeeded by the light-darkness of the evening across its sweep. The dusk attracts the passive darkness blessing all the characters for the next dawn. It might sound insane but all is perfectly sane… provided the “drama” itself is not insanical that is!

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