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Bel Bibaha

Bel Bibaha “Ehee”

507. Bel Bibaha
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 30th April, 2012

Photo Description:
Three little girl happily pose for picture during Bel Bibaha at Basantapur, Kathmandu. Bel Bibaha “Ehee” is a ritual that signifies a coming of age for Newar girls. It is an age-old tradition followed devoutly by the Newar community – the predominant resident population in Patan, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Kirtipur in Nepal.

Camera Specifications:
Camera Model: NIKON D700
F-stop: F/2.8
Exposure Time: 1/1600 sec
ISO Speed: ISO-160
Focal length: 40mm

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  1. Someone rightly said “A picture speaks a thousand words” and so very right it is..

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