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Beauty pageants in Nepal: Do they worth any thing?

It is so true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If the attitude and perception is positive, we can see everything beautiful. We can find beauty in a pimply face and plump body. Beauty is totally an abstract terminology which can not be compared. Everyone in this world is beautiful.

Being a human being we can opt to make this beautiful world and peaceful. Our birth as a human being is so beautiful in itself that we do not have to have a stunning personality, photogenic face, …

mind blowing hair style, amazing smile and astonishing complexion as well. Our activities for the world has be beautiful, our perception and our heart has to be beautiful. Then I wonder why do the girls of this generation are being involved in the beauty pageants. To contribute towards the society, it is not necessary to walk on the stage wearing high heels, it is not necessary to show the teeth although you do not want to smile. In my personal opinion, these sorts of beauty pageants are opening the doors for the girls towards the fields of modeling and film line, the social work and all are just to say.

Nepal is an underdeveloped country. There is a vast difference between the status of men and women, and enormous difference between the women of rural and urban areas. Many women are unknown to their existence, their rights and responsibilities, unaware of the reservation of 33% made by the government for them. In this scenario, could Malvika, Sugarika, Sitasma etc represent all the women from Mechi to Mahakali? Could this type of beauty pageants help the rural women anyway?

Although, I do not think this kind of beauty pageants are for the well being of Nepal, I am not supporting the people who are protesting this kind of beauty pageants. These beauty pageants are organized by industrialists for the girls of the upper economic class families. If you want to protest these sorts of pageants, you should also protest about the discos and dance clubs, modeling agencies and so on. You should also protest the ad films and music videos in which women are exploited in many ways. Otherwise, when there is not any problem for the organizers, participants and the families of the participants, there should not be any protest as well. These beauty pageants may not be for the well being of the society but they are not against the society either. The feminists of Nepal should protest the wrong systems which are dominating the existence of women. If they dare, they should protest the physical and mental tortures which women are facing everywhere, in house, in roads, in public vehicles, in offices and many more. They should protest the rituals like dowry and chhaupadi, which are killing the poor women of Nepal. I wonder why they are wasting time by protesting beauty pageants, which do not worth anything.

0 thoughts on “Beauty pageants in Nepal: Do they worth any thing?

  1. If all others are dumbstuck, effortless, useless, nobody should appear first in a class of worthless fellows? There should be no ranking because all others are poor, deprived, low-minded, back-biting, frustrated, without desire/ambition/goals? A top is always there even among the same class,society,culture, and womanhood.If one woman wins in anything, I become happy that she represents me. It is like saying US has no right to become superpower or superrich because whole world is poor, and same rule applies to India China, as all toher Asian countries cannot compete with them. Remember, Country is Feminine, Mother, and so does Earth. Earth cannot raise people because Mars and other planets are barren?

  2. I was not taking about who should win and who should not. The winners are definitely beautiful by their brains also. But I think this type of contests are worthless in context of Nepal, where most of the women are deprived of proper education and basic needs yet . Could the beautiful and talented miss Nepals, represent all the women of Nepal?

  3. Miss Nepal Best.Even Nepal televisionunder maoists support showed it live , others did not. Sdhana is required to win the title, it is not with beauty, neatness, hairlook, skin, but also brains. You should be top to win. If Sadhana Sharama could not win, it does not mean this is bullshit program.

  4. यस्‍तै हो आफ्‍नो सभ्‍यता र संस्‍कृतिलाइ बिर्‌सेर अरुको पछिलाग्‍ने उत्ताउला केटीहरुको चाल।
    अनुहार हेरन सबै बादर जस्‍ता छन्‌।

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