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Beating about Another Bush?

About a hundred years ago a Mark Lewis’ grandfather was awarded with Victoria Cross for his bravery in the aggression on the Dagu Fort of China.

He stole the historical Dagu Bell and took it to England as war booty. On learning the actual history of the Bell, Mark Lewis apologized to the people of China on behalf of his dead grandfather and facilitated the return of the Bell-‘a source of shame for both China and England’-to the actual owner, the Dagu Fort. He wrote, ‘Let us just hope we do not have to see another wars’.

With the feeling of similar shame the American People have now voted against Afghan-Iraq War, so called war on terror, that brought horrified destructions of human lives, human development goods including livelihoods and properties in these countries and deaths of so many soldiers of allied forces of aggression. There is no sight of the end to continuous and linearly progressive catastrophes over there, and even in the hearts and minds of American peoples.

There are no shortcuts to reverting back from the wrongdoings except outright and unconditional withdrawals of all foreign soldiers and war machines. The withdrawal, though difficult to accept or even to digest, is the only option available to minimize casualties, psychosocial trauma and loss of faces. If Bush and Blair want to free their countries, peoples and themselves from a quagmire they have to be bold enough to undo their wrongs now. Any other option invented will be futile exercise to nowhere. The attack on Afghanistan to avenge the country and people in name of punishing some who perpetrated the Nine-Eleven can’t be justified with any human sense.
In fact the perpetrators were the creation of CIA and similar cold-war outfits of imperialists.

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  1. Let’s hope good sense prevails and the ‘Kohinoor’ diamond which was STOLEN shamelessly from India and is presently in the crown of Queen of England is returned gracefully to India.

  2. Dear Mathura Shreshta – I totally agree with you on Iraq. It was overdone and it was lousy move by Bush – one of the most stupid ones that any American President has taken. There is no other choice than pulling back. Iraq occupation is total loss and American have given the Bush administration wake up call. I, however, disagree with you on Afghantistan. That attack was required and Bush did the right thing. Whole world did not have other choice. Taliban needed to be crushed. America had to hit back after 9/11. I would have done the same thing if I was the King for a day. I would have sent more troops to Afghanistan. I want fundamentalism to be crushed – no matter whatever the religion is.


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