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171. Bargain Business
Photo By: Shutter Bug

A local Vendor selling locally made necklaces to a tourist from Holland in Patan Dabar Square. Most of these vendors get too bugging, asking these tourists to buy their items forcefully. Concern authorities should stop this trend in rightful time, coz this act can create wrong impression on our pride of Tourism.

Patan is one of the major cities of Nepal. It is best known for its finest tradition of arts and crafts and its rich cultural heritage. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument List in 1979.

0 thoughts on “03-18-2008

  1. that was clever sir 😉 – making them feel your presence!
    well i was looking at the picture and they were in no way acting… and you must have been close enough to them to take that shot from that angle… yeah, experience matters.

    privacy and emotions of people must surely be considered… specially with the girls 😉 i mean, they just make faces or, run away when you try to photograph them… 🙂 … and i think you know how much a good photographer wants to take their pictures 🙂

    how about posting some holi pics? 🙂
    Happy Holi to all!

  2. Good question Bishwa: Didn’t they notice you while taking the shot?

    When taking photographs of people like this, I usually spend few minutes around them making them aware of my presence with camera, which makes them comfortable and then I can go click click taking shots I visualize in my mind. Yea I know it’s not that easy as I said, but only one option is to try to go out and practice. Experiences matter immensely to master this skill of candid photography.

    And always keep in mind, do respect the privacy and emotions of people you are photographing or going to photograph and approach them in a gentle manner so that they don’t get offended.

    Thank you ‘Yastai Ho’ for your compliment. 🙂

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