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Hiking from Bajrayogini to Sundarijal via Jhule

Figure1: The way placing Lord Shiva on the top of the Drinking Water Tap
Photos by: Vishnu Kshettri
Captions by: Vishnu Kshettri, Binaya Neupane

Figure2: Prayer Flags in Stupa

Figure3: Bagmati River

Figure4: BolBom…worshippers of Lord Shiva

Figure5: A Rock symbolizing Lord Gamesh

Figure6: Sunset

Figure7: contd..

Figure8: A Serene Sky

Figure9: The fertile plains of Sundarijal

Figure10: Raindrops on the Young Pine leaves

Figure11: Tiny Waterfall

Figure12: Stream contd…

Figure13: Sparkling Pines

Figure14: Bagmati River in the distance

Figure15: The Pine

Figure16: The farm house in the paddy farm

Figure17: Hills of Mulkharka

Figure18: The view of the Shankhu

Figure19: Paddy Terrace Farming

Figure20: Bagmati through the Sundarijal

Figure21: Ready to go Kathmandu

Figure22: Another look of the Shankhu

Figure23: Wild flower from Shivapuri

Figure24: Message to Hikers

Figure25: A cloudy day

Figure26: Notice Board

Figure27: Mount View Hotel at Jhule

Figure28: Cloud over Bhote Chaur

Figure29: Here the chicken goes in

Figure30: Enjoying the view from Jhule

Figure31: Jhule 🙂

Figure32: Special Service for Nepalese

Figure33: A quiet afternoon

Figure34: More wild flowers

Figure35: A quiet afternoon contd…

Figure36: Traditional House

Figure37: A cow and a calf

Figure38: A stream runs through rocks

Figure39: Peanut farming

Figure40: Root Squash

Figure41: Bamboo …

Figure42: Maize…

Figure43: The views of the Hills

Figure44: Contd…

Figure45: Dendrobium [orchid]

Figure46: Kaule Village

Figure47: Looking Up

Figure48: Thana Chaukee

Figure49: Up towards Tinpane

Figure50: Bir Bahadur 55

Figure51: Hikers contd… the trails

Figure52: Presurving Fire wood

Figure53: Community Road

Figure54: Streams

Figure55: lush Terreces

Figure56: Soyabean farming

Figure57: View of Lapse phedi

Figure58: The lone hiker

Figure59: Sali river

Figure60: tweens falls

Figure61: The forest

Figure62: Trail through the field

Figure63: Rock from the Sali River

Figure64: Towards Tinpane

Figure65: Shankhu

Figure66: Bagmati at Gokarna

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