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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



1 Nepal Sarkar = Government of Nepal,

2 Shree Panch Ko Sarkar = His Majesty’s Government of Nepal,
3 And again back to square one — Nepal Sarkar.

Just look up at the photos of three Nepalese Notes of different eras above. They begin with Government of Nepal and in due course of time, again come back to the same status of Nepal Sarkar = Government of Nepal (Photo No. 3).

“What is there is there” seems to me to be the right wording for these happenings, but then I always want to add, “What is not there is never there”. Nepal is not somebody’s Nepal; it is everybody’s Nepal. There should be national pride in the name “Government of Nepal”. Any group can become a government if Nepali wishes to support them by giving their mandate. However, they are still only the caretakers or managers of this country, not the bosses. The Real Bosses are Nepali citizens but the scenario here is rather different at the moment.

Nepali means Nepal, that is it. This country is not for 5 ko, 3 ko, 8 ko, 17 Bhai Khalak ko, 18 Bhai haru ko etc, etc. Nepal Nepali ko, it is very simple. Even in the autocratic Rana Regime the name Government of Nepal was intact. They never tried to change this appropriate name even though they were capable of making it Shree 3 ko Sarkar, they never did.

I am not trying to praise here the deeds or misdeeds of the Ranas, but it looks like somehow they understood the deep-rooted sentiments of Nepali. They never fiddled with these sensitive matters. Nepalese are friends to all, and friends for all. Not just friends of a particular nation, caste or creed. Nepal’s top singer Ms. Aruna Lama’s song is very appropriate in this context. “Nepali Gaurav garchau aaphno pan ma ghamandi chahi hoinau hai, sabai ko saathi banne baani hamro, pachhute chahi hoinau hai”. Meaning is: We are proud and feel glorious of being Nepali, not arrogant. Our nature is such that makes us friends of all, friends for all, not blind followers of one nation.

Thus a saga of truth became possible with the wish and sweat of Nepali and became Nepal Sarkar = Government of Nepal again. This is intact today like our National Song “Rato ra Chandra Surya Jangi Nishan Hamro, Jiundo Ragat Sari Yo Baldo Chha Shaan Hamro”. And “Birata Ko Cinno, Bira ko Santan, Sahid ko Ragat Lahure ko Nishani”.

I sum-up here it is now back to Square One.

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