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At 84, Girija takes seduction to a new level

Who would have thought that at 84, Girija still has enough sex appeal to seduce all the major parties, including the excessively macho Maoists. But no doubt he does. After several rounds of courting at Baluwataar, Prachanda was fawning and Madav Nepal drooling. They rubbed their hands like lecherous men and nodded to everything our famous seducer said. “Finance? Sure.” “Home? Umm… Sitaula’s done a terrible job, but anything you want, darling.” “And what’s this here… Peace and Reconstruction? …

What’s that? Local peace councils, reconstructing schools and health posts and police posts… (pause to consider the popular support that portfolio would garner)… well, well, if that is what you want, dear!”

But no, the greatest seducer in Nepali history cannot settle for trinkets and baubles, he wants the Kohinoor.
Girija – (haughtily) And NC wants the position of the senior most minister too.

Prachanda – (being frustrated) But we had agreed that the Deputy PM would be from our Party.

Madhav – What about Sahana Pradhan? She is after all the senior most. She’s been in politics for 70 years.

Girija – But she’s a woman!!

Who could argue with that? Misogyny runs deep in the veins of all our political leaders, for inexplicable reason. Something we need to know about their pasts, maybe? Of the 22 cabinet members, only 2 are women. That despite the recent agreements to have 33% women in all sectors of government. But you cannot blame Girija for forgetting. After all, he’s 84.

Politicians aside, it is Girija’s seduction of Kantipur Publications, that self declared replacement of Gorkhapatra as the government mouthpiece, that is most impressive. Day after day in big letters, we get to see self-congratulatory remarks about how he “gambled 60 years of his political career”, and how he insisted against all who said “terrorists cannot be trusted”. By now we are all thoroughly convinced; had it not been for our octogenarian seducer we would never have had peace. April uprising or not.

We are also equally convinced, thanks to Kantipur, that the Home Ministry cannot screw up. True, 29 people died in the Terai unrest, many sustaining head injuries, but that was Home Ministry doing its job well. True, there was no police presence during the Gaur Massacre, and many died sustaining head injuries. But what could the Home Ministry have done, the head injuries prove that it was pre-planned, cold blooded, coordinated murder. Nope, the Home Ministry could have done nothing. And know why – because the Home Minister is from NC and NC never does anything wrong.

Not even with their leader’s tacit support for monarchy. Now, UML… they are the pro-royalists. They tabled a bill that allowed for the parliament to punish the king if he did anything against the spirit of the April uprising. How royalist can you get than that? Errr… difficult to follow. Well, don’t worry, Kantipur will make things clear. See, with that bill, UML tacitly accepted the king as a constitutional entity. If you don’t agree, go ask Girija, the wisest old man in the whole wide world.

But enough of domestic seduction. All our best wishes are with Girija during the SAARC summit. May he seduce, with equal success, the leaders of South Asia. Maybe he can win more than just portfolios for his party this time around.

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  1. noname, your posts get sillier by the day. did it occur to u that perhaps their citizenships were annuled because they were maoists? or because nepal has been extremely unfair in distributing citizenships to its own citizens? and besides, stop posting comments from hindu fundamentalist and monarchist websites in a democratic site.

  2. The following from http://ohnepal.wordpress.com

    This news will astonish some non-Nepalis…except Nepali people themselves. The Maoist terrorists went to the (illegal) Election Commission to register themselves as a party on Monday (09th April, 2007) but they could not get registered themselves because two of their comrades “Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ and Barsha Man Pun ‘Anant’ did not have citizenship certificates.”

    Now, how could anyone go to the Election Commission without being a Nepali citizen? How could a person try to be elected as a politician in Nepal without even caring for getting a Nepali citizenship all his life? Perhaps he didn’t fit the ‘criteria’ to be a Nepali? Perhaps he is a non-Nepali by nationality? This baffles you? Nevermind.

    No citizenship? No problem. You desire to take part in sham Elections in Nepal? You have the blessings of SPAM Government and foreign interference in Nepal. So,“The two leaders acquired Nepali citizenship certificate from the District Administration Office of Kathmandu on Monday.”
    How nefarious can things get in Nepal? Everything that is happening there is a virtual sham. The Maoists and SPAm can do anything and everything there and the public is just clueless and helpless. The Indians and the UN have managed to get their way in Nepal…we have another Sri Lanka (civil war torn country) in the waiting!

  3. racialdiscrimination, so asking for ur rights is now provokation? god save you status quoists!

  4. So according to the game plans of SPAM…there are 2 parties in Nepal…SPA and M…

    SPA consists of Seven Parties…and M consists of rebels…And then SPA and M join hands together. But wait, SPA and M are opposition parties. And within SPA there are 7 parties who fight with each other. But no no, SPA is One party and M is another One party. But hey, SPAM is one party. So ummm, okay, there is Democracy and in SPAM democracy all parties are together but divided and divided to be United!

    I am kind of confused!

  5. Correction: In my first comment above I meant RJP (Thapa) and RPP are not clear in their manifestos (because of fear of SPAM).

    Thanks and I await the response of some intellectual patriot people.

  6. Thanks for your comments. First, I want to know if there is any party that has a ‘manifesto’ that I want to see.

    If not, only then may be I will open a Party…and perhaps you can give me a name.

  7. please get a name for yourself first; then think of forming a party. Ok Mr/Mrs “noname.”

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  8. I stand for Constitutional Monarchy and Democracy. I hate SPAM. RPP Nepal and RJP are not clear in their manifestos (because of fear of SPAM).

    If there is party which is ready to speak out loud and clear that they are for Constitutional Monarchy than I will vote them. I am also ready to vote for Absolute Monarchy.
    Is there any party?

    If there is none…I will be by own party and my own voter and others can join me if you like my agendas.

    I await your kind response.

  9. Racial provocation by Dhanya:Dhanya says,”keti tyas mathi ni madhesi bhayera mathi chadnai dinnan… yo pahadiya haru le garnu garyo.. tapai jasto pahadiya haru le”. Admin: you should have courage to remove such comments unless Admin has used name dhanya or supported dhanya, to create a new racial war from this blog , as this blog site must be free of Racial Diaparity, Provoking anger, Differences, and try cusing war between bloggers. Dhanya Says,”people from hills are not allowing teri people especially Women to rise above their level”

  10. Girija know how to put the lefty at the bay and how to spin in and out the commies and passionate anti-communist. Do anyone of you remember his famous speech “male, mandale and mashale are nothing but one.” Sometime he does carried away with his passion and nasty thing with his own party members.

  11. afu ni afu, sadhu ram ji… ma ta nepal ma rajniti nai gari raa ho.. ke garnu, keti tyas mathi ni madhesi bhayera mathi chadnai dinnan… yo pahadiya haru le garnu garyo.. tapai jasto pahadiya haru le

  12. timiharu khai na pai kina bad bibad garchhai yaha. huti bhaye nepal ma gayera politics gara na. aafu pani politics bagarne ani aru le gareko pani dekhi nasakne. jasle maha katchha usle hat chatchha.

    timiharu jasti nautanki le garda des bigreko ho.

  13. Dovan

    this may partially answer your query.

    from Nepal (kantipuronline.com)

    ओलीको बलि

    आफ्नो शेषपछि पनि शासनमा कोइराला परविार नै कायम रहोस् भन्ने चाहना थियो प्रधानमन्त्रीको । त्यसैले काङ्ग्रेस उपसभापति सुशील कोइरालाका लागि उनले वरष्िठ उपप्रधानमन्त्री पदमा अडान राखे । अन्तरमि सरकार गठनलगत्तै काङ्ग्रेस एकता हुने भएकाले शेरबहादुर देउवालाई पार्टर्ीीे वरष्िठ उपसभापति बनाउने सहमति गरसिकेका कोइरालाले सुशीललाई सरकारमा आफूपछिको स्थान दिनुपर्ने बाध्यता थियो । उपप्रधानमन्त्री पदमा काङ्ग्रेस, एमाले र माओवादी तीनै दलको दाबी थियो । तर, वरष्िठ उपप्रधानमन्त्री काङ्ग्रेसको भागमा पर्ने अवस्था सिर्जना भएपछि माओवादीले सो पदप्रति खासै रुचि देखाएन । बरु उसले सञ्चारलगायत रणनीतिक महत्त्वका अन्य मन्त्रालयतर्फआ“खा दौडायो ।

    उता आन्तरकि रस्साकस्सीमा जुटेका एमाले नेताहरूको एउटा गठबन्धन कुनै हालतमा ओलीको सत्ता बहिर्गमन चाहन्थ्यो । त्यसैले एमालेले पनि उपप्रधानमन्त्री पदको अडान खुकुलो पार्‍यो । अन्ततः उपप्रधानमन्त्री पद नराख्ने विन्दुमा तीनवटै प्रमुख दलहरू सहमत भए । जसबाट प्रत्यक्ष्ँ मारमा परे, निवर्तमान उपप्रधानमन्त्री ओली । र्सार्क सम्मेलनमा भाग लिन दिल्ली जान ठिक्क परेका ओलीले चैत १६ गते सा“झ आफ्नो भ्रमण रद्द गर्नुपर्‍यो । ओलीको यो आकस्मिक सत्ता बहिर्गमनले एमालेमा चर्को रडाको मच्चाउने सम्भावना बढेको छ ।

  14. dovan, Is it not possible that Sahana was seduced by girija minstry and himself as a person of 84 !!writer wanted to mention it? Won’t you be seduced? I would be.

  15. पार्टीको स्वार्थ को लागि बरिस्ठको लडाइमा प्रयोग् गरेको सहानालाइ अहिलेसम्म एमालेले किन ओझेलमा राख्यो?

    आदर्श, त्याग अनि सङ्घर्सको लामो इतिहास बोकेको
    सहानाको चयनलाइ स्विकार्न नमिल्ने भन्न गिरिजा कुन नकच्चरापन को हदमा गिरेको !

    लोकतन्त्रको सामन्ती राजा हुन खोज्ने गिरिजालाइ सहानाले एक् खोट्टा हान्नुपर्छ
    अनि राजनिती लाइ दाउपेचको खेल सम्झने माकुनेको कान बटार्दिनुपर्छ ||

  16. It is not that there are no good leaders in Nepal.
    There are many idealist, capable good leaders.
    But this is our misfortune that our feudal structure filters them out and we have rotten corrupt people like girijaa, makune and shere on the top brass .
    how narahari and gagan thapa were victimized is a recent example.
    Many leaders that raised voice for representational inclusive system were labeled separationist and communal and good intentioned people were intentionally sidelined.

    We need good system to bring good leaders.
    We need good leaders to create good system.

    Catch 22 !

  17. there are many alternatives – if you only look around. for one, Sahana Pradha, if a PM has to be 80 years old at least. then you have hridayesh tripathi (but he’s a madhesi), subash nembang (a janjati)… okay, only a bahun/chetri male will do… even ram chandra paudel, govida raj joshi, jhala nath khanal… the list can go on and on. we just have to get over the fact that nepal does not have leaders. it does.

  18. I do agree with Lekhak to some extent. But, who is the alternative? He is the best of the bad politicians we have. At least he stoop up and finally woke up and realized. No one is perfect. It takes many more years before we see good leaders in Nepal.

    Yestai Ho

  19. Girija is a symbol of failure and a curse for Nepali Congress. He is just too old and can perish anytime. Girija is NC leader for three consecutive session and he himself declared once that no one can become more that twice. This is shame on him. He still has Ramsharan M. as his Finance Minister and the sole purpose is to tunnel corrupt money into the Party. Girija was PM when Royal Massacre took place and he called it a Grand Design. He is now in a very good position to reveal that but is old mouth is shut. He is nothing but a liar, opportunist and a disloyal crook.

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