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Are we doing

Practicing and advocating for are totally different things. We mostly end up just advocating rather than actually following.  Mostly,  bare advocacy is usual practice when it comes for moral behavior like: honesty, discipline, fairness, duty and so on. In other terms we knowingly or unknowingly fail to practice in reality but focus just on advocacy.

First of all I would like to discuss on the moral part.  To aid my discussion I would like to pose very simple question. Are we honest in situations where breaking honesty may end up in great apparent benefit. For example, if someone will give you 2 Million for just telling a single lie. Will you do that? Of course, we will add thousands of reasons to justify that we are doing this known wrong deed for the future betterment. Like, I will invest this money for good of others. I am not doing this just for myself. If I get that amount of money just by telling a single lie, why not do it. I could clean myself by doing so and so with this money. What this example clears is that we end up doing the wrong even if we continue to advocate. Again back to same example, if we analyze deeply, we could question why this lie? If we could end up to this question instantly then we could go to the right path.

Adding further to attitude part, I would like to give one more example ‘anonymity’ that aids to wrong deeds . If no one sees me doing this then why not just gain the benefit of it. We do not see inside, what does the benefit really mean? We are blinded, in fact what we call our inner mind that is blinded itself. It is unconscious and wild. It just sees the apparent benefit. If we end up to a question what is the benefit for? then we most probably try to judge against the concerned deed.  Yet another example, if I could blame other and enjoy the blame anonymously then why not enjoy it? Most of the people are forgetting the meaning of joy and fall behind this question and mostly never come out of this through out their life. But, most of the time they are the good advocates of morality and moral attitudes. Let me give one concrete example. If no one sees you or can question you, will you not cheat in your work? Most of the people will end up saying, “If my boss does not notice ever, why not just cheat in the work?”. But, they always advocate for being honest to their work and this time again for their apparent and so called ‘benefit’.

Now, I would like to talk about some apparent and technical attitude.  Let us take an example of the attitude of being creative and advocating to creativity. Most of the time we like to enjoy the tag of creativity, or whatever it is some good attitude. But, rarely do we care for being really creative. If I could earn more marks by not doing the assignment why not cheat. For example, lets say the teacher does not notice your cheating. You could get very good marks without learning anything. After getting the academic degree you are employed because of your high scores in the degree. Now, suppose you are taken care of and the employer also does not notice and you can gracefully cheat the employer as well. In that case what? Most of the people are afraid that even if they could cheat the teacher, they would not be able to cheat the employer. Now, if the employer also does not care , then would you cheat? Most of the time the answer would be yes.

Whether be it anonymity or be it apparent benefit, we end up just advocating for the attitude not practicing it. But, sooner or later, the benefit is not by advocating the attitude any way. Attitude is for practicing. Some one else practice and you get benefit which never happens whether you advocate for it or not.

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  1. Lekhnath, are you reading Krishnamurthy? If you are not, you should. He was a teacher, so he obviously does not have a technical take on the issue that you do, but his piece on practicing and advocating is very compelling also.
    Three cheers for you and your articles. I have gone back to reading Krishnamurthy. Brilliant take on the issue.

  2. Not related, but I came across this interesting quote

    The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
    Albert Einstein

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