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Animal sacrifice in the name of religion

People in different religion have their own mentality. Every one possesses a unique characteristic of its own. We the Nepali are renowned for our bravery. It’s in our Blood. In other hand, we are very much religious. And with religion and culture comes the process of sacrificing animals.

By the way, who loves mo:mo? I do. Who loves buff chilly? I do. Who loves chicken curry? I do. Who likes animal sacrifice in the name of god? No I don’t. Why? Because I think animal sacrifice is so brutal, cruel, and inhuman. To take others life is so devilish.

The above questions were asked to myself. I love to eat meat, but don’t want to kill any innocent. How could that be possible? A big question. I think there are only 3 choices for me.

1. Kill Yourself.

2. Ask somebody to kill for you.

3. Don’t eat at all.

By the way there are many vegetarians who might suggest you to become one of them, a vegetarian. It’s your choice.

Now let’s go to the point. There was a poll called “Should animal sacrifice in the name of religion, such as during Dashain, be banned?” in EU. And found out that 51% of the total voters had contributed for the neutral suggestion i.e. “It’s up to the individuals to decide“. Which sounds quite obvious, I too do agree on it.

But the fact is; it’s a matter of respect whether you are an omnivorous like me or a vegetarian. It sounds so bad when some vegetarians says “Eweeu” or “Chhya” or distorts one’s face when other is eating meat. If you don’t like then it’s fine. Just don’t eat. But to make others feel bad is not a way to act.

Ok, now the Dashin has finished, and the feast and festival of animal sacrifice is over. This might have helped our animal lovers to be a little happier. But being an omnivorous, I still have to fulfill my needs, need of meat.

So let’s enjoy by being who we are. Let’s respect our culture, our tradition, our society. Let’s unite and live in a peaceful environment.

Note: for the refreshment I would like to present the pool result where 101 voters participated.

  •  It’s up to the individuals to decide. (51%)

  • Yes, killing is a crime. (30%)

  • No, social cultures need to be retained. (14%)

  • No, helps in ecological balance. (3%)

  • I don’t care. I am a vegetarian. (2%)

 Animal Sacrifice Pool

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16 thoughts on “Animal sacrifice in the name of religion

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  7. Aneesh … you’re not too sharp. A plant is not sentient, because a nervous system is a prerequisite for sentience. Beyond this, people can live perfectly well without meat, or at least with mindful reduction of meat, in most places … so killing on the scale that is practiced is unnecessary. To argue, essentially, that because we have to kill plants, therefore, we just just kill everything, up and down, without thinking, without trying to reduce is just stupid. The problem with our world is that there are a lot of stupid people in it like you … who will just argue stupidly for anything that pleases them. You can say I have to respect you .. but I don’t. You can say you can kill … but honestly … the life of an sentient creature doesn’t belong to you any more than it belongs to me … and if it belongs remotely more to one of us … it ought to belong to the one who cherishes life, and reducing suffering as much as possible … rather than to the stupid killer like you.

    NEPAL is a poverty-stricken, violent, shithole for all the bad karma induced by so much needless, thoughtless and brutal killing.

  8. samesh ji,
    thank you for arising such a sensible question. I’m a vegetarian myself and going to be a vegan soon. I don’t hate people eating meat, but only one thing i would like to tell here is animal sacrifice should be and must be stopped in the name of religion. This is a huge blunder that people sacrifice animals in the name of religion, i always wonder why they can’t see this simple fact that no one has right to kill any animal for the shake of religion. There are so many things that i’ve come to understand lately, which is hard to tell everything here. I can’t say more here, but i would like to request everyone to stop sacrificing animals in the name of religion. Thanks everyone

  9. If indepth study is done into hinduism, animal sacrifice is not essential in Hinduism. Other offerings can be made to the deities instead.

    Harmless animals are killed and their deaths are glorified. Its quiet a horrific scene around Nepal during Dashain. Blood splattered everywhere- Cars, Bikes, Machines, Weapons, Temples.

    In the new constitution the Government should ban animal sacrifice. It was a tradition to balance the food chain and this practice pre dates the vedas. In 21st century this practice should be banned.

  10. Thank you Aneesh for your comment. it’s actually a thing of mentality. the reflection of oneself. I might be wrong but one thing is for sure We all need to survive and the way of survival may differ individually.

  11. On a more ironical note, let’s have another poll on the question,”Should human killings, abductions, kidnapping and torture carried out in the name of politics be banned?” Let’s first learn to be humanitarians before we turn into naturalists.

  12. Nice post, Shamesh. I agree with your take on the issue. This is a sensitive issue, but if one ultimately eats the animal at the end, or as part of some festivity, it should be ok and up to the individuals to decide. Although, the very act of harming life is regrettable in principle, people have the right to celebrate their cultures, practices and national festivities. There are some that eat Turkey for Thanksgiving, although they don’t kill the animals themselves.

    Even plants are living organisms. But, we don’t feel much saddened eating cabbage, for example, simply because it doesn’t show emotion, response to stimuli or resemble human like features, such as, eyes, mouth, ears and other body parts that we relate to so much.If we were to respect life unconditionally, we’d have to starve to death. But still, if sacrifices are to be carried out, let it be for good purpose. Sacrificing animals for air safety – as done by Nepal Airlines – is dumbfounded (although, those animals must have been consumed at the end also)

    If we sacrifice animals, let it be for good purpose, feast on it and thank the animal for having saved us for the day.

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