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Animal Sacrifice in Temples

350. Animal Sacrifice
Date: 14th April, 09
Photo by: Sangesh Shrestha

Animal sacrifice is the ritual killing of an animal as part of a religion; it is practice by many religion including Hindu.
In Nepal we mostly see Chicken and Goats being offered to god at Dashai and in shakti peeth temples like Manakamana and Dakshinkali. This Particular picture is from dakshinkali.
In my opinion these practice should be discourage as being a human being and offering animals to god is not right.
In our culture we have a option of coconut instead of animals, so why to kill an innocent animal.

14 thoughts on “Animal Sacrifice in Temples

  1. i feel nothing less than hatred towards a race that commits this sin. Pathetic uncivilized brutes! they are getting what they deserve. Look at where Nepal stands on the world scene.
    Nothing that anyone writes here will change them. Their race needs to be wiped out. Simple.

  2. This is not about literacy or judicial law. People who sacrifice animals have misunderstood the highest law, that of karma.

    ‘Don’t kill living beings if you don’t want to be killed by living beings.’

    And on the matter of blind adherence to ritual and tradition, Peter Ustinov graces us with these words

    ‘Old foolishness is not improved upon by age, nor are ancient hostilities dignified by the fact that they happened long ago.’

    Devotees of Shakyamuni Buddha may eat meat but they should not kill sentient beings, and they certainly shouldn’t sacrifice them. The wise sacrifice the self.

  3. I don’t think these people have brains inside skull. Voices are raising against stupid acts like animal sacrifice.

  4. The civilization is suffering from superstations since its formation. Illiteracy and foolish superstations have defined our religious customs. Every illiterate ad add to the superstation because of poor or no realization. Illiterate Taliban gives Islam a barbaric meaning, in India Tantric has created a f*****G version of Hinduism (sanatan dharma), and there are similar Christians who has spoilt the meaning of Christianity. The actual problem is true literacy.
    Animal sacrifice is common in Nepal, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, some part of Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Needless to say Indian illiterate community has strong presence in these states.
    In this lawless country weak governments never tried to develop awareness because leaders are unaware. I remember a district Superintendent of Police (I forgot name of that foolish guy) of Assam sacrificing a buffalo in temple……such a illiterate guy he is!!! The escaped powerless king of Nepal is another such character. I hope someday such shameful superstations will be checked by strict law.
    Dr. Sandeep Sharma, NY, USA.

  5. hahahaha you are a voilent person, bloodnadgore i think that is why ur nick is BLOODANDGORE. I talked abt coconut you talked abt skull, what if it was you r head instead of that chicken? Don’t try to give bad vision to the picture. I think you did not get the right theme of the picture. Yeah every person had their own vision. So Mr. Voilent i think you have a voilent nature and you aer afraid if you could not eat meat and have to satisfy with coconut juice:)

  6. The bad message –

    1. post shitty pictures with no visual appeal what-so-ever to Life In Nepal.
    2. Gives out the message of violence.

    @AntiBloodAndGore – this is about Life In Nepal, who cares what they do in China or Korea or any other foreign country. Find me an instance where they sacrifice dogs here in Nepal.

    @sazzy – what other option dude? a coconut? what if it was your cracked skull instead of the coconut? what if it was your …..

    @IT Freak – Cheerleader

  7. What is the bad message it is giving BLOODANDGORE? i think he wanted to show the option we have for animal sacrifice witht the head of chicken ( which was sacrificed) and the god where it was offered. may be photograph is technically not good, but i don;t see any bad message it is giving.

  8. We often ridicule hindus only when sacrificing ritual is concerned. Every religion makes sacrifices. Jesus said, sacrifice sheep and goat to purify your sins. Allah says, use “halal” goat meat only. Even some sects of Buddhists use meats, like Chiense, japanese, Koreans and Koreans even like sacrificing dogs.

  9. This is a bad picture… both technically and in the message that it sends out… bad bad bad picture…

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