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Anil Tiwari’s US Visit

My Journey to US Official Visit started on February 4, 2018, the day I left Nepal for 3 months with so much excitement to see and feel the Land of Dreams – The USA. The flight was departed from TIA at 9 PM and reached the Hamad International Airport at 12:00 AM (local time). After a long and hectic 13 hrs of flight finally landed to Logan Airport at 2 PM (local time), the weather outside was gloomy, felt like I was already freezing when stepped out of Airport. I took a cab and headed towards the Manish Dai’s apartment where I was going to stay for a week.

It was nice to see the well-known faces Bipul Dai, Rosina Di and Saroj dai on the first day I arrived in the US and have drinks with them.

I joined Lexington office the next day, the work environment was totally different compared to Nepal office and took me a couple of days to adapt the change in work environment. It was gracious and delightful experience to see, understand and work with the offshore team members whom I used to work virtually in form of calls, chats, emails and deermines.

During my stay at US office, I learnt the work ethics that are being carried out each day for the tasks prioritization, accomplishment and client deliveries. Normally I used to sit with Smriti Di, Suresh Dai and Mukta Di as I was looking at my tasks and helping them in any possible ways. US office starts from 9 am but usually work gets started from the home before coming to office. Office hours were not always limited to hectic work, sharing and eating lunch in a single table, walking around the office, making jokes and fun with each other, farewell lunch and going out for lunch to try new foods used to add refreshment during the office hour. After office getting back to apartment and having snacks, we can only go out to market for Grocery, Hardy Pond for a walk, playing basketball and football if the weather is clear.

Weekends were always the best part as I got to explore new places and spend some good time out of office. I got chance to visit some of the places and enjoy the moment and have good memories of those visited places. I visited the Sunbrella IMAX theater at Reading where I got chance to see and feel IMAX 2D and 3D experience by watching Black panther and Avengers: Infinity War. Also, I got chance to see the documentary movie at Omni Theater located at Boston Museum of science. It was great feeling to experience 4D in IMAX dome Screen. My first visit outside of Massachusetts was New Hampshire. Mukta Di invited us (Manish Dai, Bipul Dai, Saroj Dai, Pratik and Prayash) for a day out at New Hampshire. We went to her home and had delicious typical Nepali lunch and move forward for Manchester Firing Line Range. It was nice experience holding the gun in hand and shooting in line range. We spend some wonderful time there and Sameer Vinaju was there with us creating comfortable environment with his talks as we all are friends from many years 🙂

Every weekends were not so much wonderful as it was winter there and sometimes need to change the pre-scheduled visit plan to some other weekends due to extreme cold and snowy weather conditions. But the weather was not so much cruel every weekend, I managed to visit the New Hampshire, Boston Downtown, Castle Island, Niagara Road Trip, New York/Atlantic City Road Trip. During these visits I had good memories with awesome peoples (Manish Dai, Saroj Dai, Kisor, Pratik, Dixya, Monika, Binita). I would like to give special thanks to Manish dai for his support during my stay at US who is always ready and says “Yes” to visit places even partying late midnight 🙂 . Also, all who are the part of these road trips are key players to convert it to the lifetime memorizing moments.

must say the 3 months of stay at US was a very good experience learning new things and working with the offshore team sitting nearby them and sharing lots of memories with helpful and supportive team.

Besides road trips and workplace memories, there are lots of memories with celebrations, night parties, snacks and dinners. Night Party at Liberty Hotel with Dave was an example to know night-life at Boston. Kayera and Kayena Birthday celebration with homemade momo and tasty varieties of nepali cuisines including the drinks party at Suresh Dai’s Place, Dinner and late night drinks at Smriti Di’s Place, Dinner and Drinks at Namita Di’s place, Party at Sagar/Manish Dai’s Place, Snacks and Drinks organized by Rudra Dai on the occasion of New Year 2075, New Hampshire visit with Sanjeev Dai followed by Dinner at Chulo cuisine and Bar on New Year 2075, Snacks and Drinks at Margaritas with Muna Vauju followed by Tasty Momo and drinks at her Place, Dinner and drinks at Taverns, Several dinner and lunch at chinese, Japanese, Mexican, American, Taiwanese, Indian and Nepali Restaurants and finally farewell lunch from Smriti Di, Mukta Di and Namita Di.

I must say the 3 months of stay at US was a very good experience learning new things and working with the offshore team sitting nearby them and sharing lots of memories with helpful and supportive team. I would like to show my deep gratitude towards entire Lexington Deerwalk Family for their immense hospitality, love and support for all the visitors from Nepal as I was the part of it. It was my pleasure to see you all there and hope to see you all time and again. Also, I would like to thanks all (US Team and Nepal Team) who believed in me and provided me with this grand opportunity to explore.

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