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Anil Tiwari’s US Visit

2018 being the wonderful year for me, I got the opportunity to visit the States again on October 31st. I was very exhilarated but also had edgy feelings and thoughts running inside my mind as it was a festive season here in Nepal as well. Just before the week of Tihar, my trip to states began and this time my stay was expected to be there for the next 2 months. With the fresh remembrance from the last visit, I reached the Logon Airport and took a cab to the Ashay Dai’s place where Ajit Dai was waiting for me to have a Dinner together on my arrival.

I joined the Lexington office right from the next day of my arrival and was very cheerful to see the all known faces from the previous visit. The main purpose of this visit was supposed to provide onsite support for new client Implementation in CM but it didn’t go as well as planned in this visit. But the work on onsite always starts with the daily standup followed by client calls and meetings everyday. At Lexington office, mostly I worked with Smriti Di/Suresh dai and used to deal with the daily client issues, provide feedback on reported issues and suggestions on ongoing feature development in CM/HP products. Also, I used to sit together in a meeting with Data DMs and AMs regarding the data process that is being carried out in CM/HP products and provide suggestions to make the ongoing process better.

Next week from my arrival to the States, Tihar was about to begin and I was already missing my family and friends with whom I used to share the joy and happiness. But I got the big family in Deerwalk US where I fully enjoyed my Tihar with same joy and happiness which I used to feel in Nepal. Tihar celebration started on the 2nd day of my arrival with Drinks and Dinner at Mukta Di’s place followed by teen patti. On the Laxmi Puja, we (I and Ajit Dai) were invited on Rudra Dai’s place for Dinner and enjoyed the moments there and also got a chance to play teen patti with Muna vauju and her friends. Next day of Laxmi puja, there was the ‘Mah Puja Event’ organized at Smriti Di’s place where I got the chance to experience and participate in that event with party. Tihar celebration was not yet over and next week we had a party at Namita Di’s place followed by Poker, Marriage and Teen Patti to say goodbye to Tihar 2018.

Weekends used to be always full of amusement and these are the days anyone who visits to US need to utilize and make the long travels to know and explore the places of the States. During my stay, first month was awesome with the Tihar celebrations, Thanksgiving parties at Suresh Dai’s and Sushanta Dai’s Place, the Black friday shopping, weekend hangout and late Night stay/parties at Sagar Dai’s place. I got chance to travel and explore outside of Massachusetts from the 2nd Month after the arrival of Prince Dai. He already had a list of places he was planning to visit during his stay. On December 2nd week, we planned to visit the beautiful state California, we first made our journey to San Jose from Boston where we met Ex-Deerwalker Subash Shah who was really a great person and managed his time to explore us the Silicon valley, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Baker Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, Twin Peaks, Palace of Fine arts and Downtown visit and other many places during our 3 days stay at San Francisco. After spending a wonderful time at San Francisco/ San Jose, We took 1 hr flight from San Francisco Intl Airport to make our next destination to Los Angeles. We met the Prince’s uncle who was waiting for us and he was really very nice and helpful who made our trip of LA and San Diego Trip Memorable.

As our final destination was to drive to San Diego from LA on the same, we made short LA city tour and after having lunch we went out for sightseeing to the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and Universal Studios Hollywood. We were planning to visit the Santa Monica but due to time constraints we couldn’t make it there and headed towards San Diego, 2hrs long drive from Los Angeles. We reached the san Diego at around 8:30 pm but as we had to return back to Boston very next day, we visited the Mt. soledad national veterans memorial from where we saw the night view of some parts of San Diego. Tomorrow morning we woke up and made the short city tour and visited the some famous Places like La Jolla cove, Black Beach and US-Mexico Border. Flight back to Boston had a layover of 6 hrs at Las Vegas. We left the San Diago at around 3pm and reached to Las Vegas at 4 pm. As there was 6 hrs of layover at McCarran intl. Airport, we decided to get out of the airport and spent the limited time to visit the Las Vegas Strip. It was an awesome experience to see and explore the nightlife at Vegas but due to limited time, we could not make it to visit Casinos. As our next flight to Boston from Vegas was at 10 pm, we left the vegas with wonderful memories but there is something to be happen before we reach Boston. After an hour of flight, we heard the announcement from Aircraft Captain that flight is going to have an emergency landing at Denver. Fortunately, we safely landed and as soon as flight touched the runway ambulances and Fire Brigades were following the aircraft. We didn’t knew what was the problem in that aircraft. After spending 5 hrs at Denver, another flight from vegas came to pickup us and finally reached the Boston at around 11 am. We joined the office from 2nd half on the same day as there was photo session for Christmas and the Deerwalk’s Christmas party at Redstone American Grill-Burlington in evening. Christmas party was full of fun where we enjoyed lots of American foods and Drinks which really helped to forget what I went through during my flight to Boston. After a week back from CA visit, we(Me and prince Dai) visited Chicago where we met Mukesh Chaudhary (Ex-Deerwalker) who was there with us to make our trip to Chicago marvellous. We visited some of the well-known places i.e. Willis Tower Skydeck, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Downtown visit of Chicago.

I must say the 2 months of stay will always be indelible as it had delightful days spent with full of cheerfulness, happiness and some of the catchy moments happened in my life. To make my trip such worthy, I would like to thanks and show my deep gratitude towards entire Deerwalk US family and friends for their great hospitality, love and support during my stay. It was a great honour to meet and spend a good time with you all. Hope to see you all soon again. Also, I would like to thanks entire Deerwalk team for believing in me and providing me this great opportunity to visit the United States again.

[Anil Tiwari, Software QA Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from November 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018]