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Ancient view of Kathmandu

Time always goes on and it brings the changes. It seems Kathmandu city has changed a lot. It is being more crowded and unplanned. Below are some collections of Kathmandu city before 70 years. They were taken from different sources. I am very thankful to the person who ever had captured and collected those images.

Special thanks for Manish Shakya for giving an idea to collect all those images. Next time I will try to collect all recent images of below listed locations.

1. Bhadrakali area 70 years before

2. Way to Singha Darbar 70 years before

3. Singha Darbar and Shahid Gate area before 70 years

4. Bir Hospital and Tudikhel before 70 years

5. Tudikhel before 130 years. Dharahara at that time had 11 stories.

6. Thapathali kupondol 70 years before

7. Newroad 70 years before.jpg

8. NarayanHiti Darbar Marg before 70 years

9. Kalbhairab was build during 17th century. Restoration was done in 2003

10. Kal Bhairab 2007

0 thoughts on “Ancient view of Kathmandu

  1. great collection of our kathmandu’s past…. by looking this picture i realised that we just ruined the beauty of kathmandu.

  2. Great memories of old Nepal….apreciated it. Really enjoied and went back to our parrents life with a drop of tear. Our parrents alot struggled in that period.. Thnaks buddy… keep it up..

  3. Hello Nischal,
    amazing pictures i must say, can you be more specific of the date when the pictures were taken, in your comment you have sepcified 70 years ago or 80 years ago but have not said exactly which year that would be. is it 70 years before 2008 or 2007?? thanks a lot for sharing these historic pictures with us.

  4. Great Pictures capturing Kathmandu’s medieval era!
    Those places like: New Road, Bir Hospital,Tudikhel, Thapathali certainly have concrete jungle these days. I would have only imagined such a peace and tranquility ever existed once upon a time. Hat’s off to Manish Shakya’s collection, that looked so real and as if those places could explain a lot of stories.

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