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Hitesh Karki


Anarchy I,II and III.

As I reach the corner of the street in between Gaushala and Sifal, the road next to the small forest opposite Pashupati, a diminutive figure whose personality seems to have been emboldened by the fact that he had a red star on his cap and wore fatigues, asks me to stop. He is inside an Indian SUV.

I find that pretty weird but nonetheless with no option, I just stop. I look beyond trying to gain as much coverage as possible. I see that the road is not just shut from one end but from the other as well. There is motorcade of exactly seven SUVs parked right in the middle of that stretch of the road. I wait. Five minutes later, the motorcade starts moving. I unintentionally look at all the people inside the vehicle that pass by. I notice THE Comrade, inside one of them, all smiles. – Anarchy I.

I reach home. No way can I help not notice his excitement. Aakash is all smiles. I know he is itching to say something which to him will definitely excite me. I give up and inquire. He is all praise for his new superhero school driver. He tells me as to how his school bus driver missed hitting a woman on the road by a whisker and how the driver turned the steering. He looks elated. That happens sometime, so I think, in our roads. He goes on to tell me how the bus driver had crossed the red signal and the traffic woman, he had noticed that it was a woman, had frantically blown the whistle and the driver had completely ignored. He also tells me how they all clapped and cheered as the bus reached some 100 yards further after having avoided the accident. – Anarchy II.

The time is almost 8 PM. I switch on the TV. The torrential rain and the havoc it is causing in the eastern hills and moreover in Terai features as the main headline across all the channels. People are homeless, crops worth millions is inundated by the floods, and obviously there’s no power and the hyper sensitive highway is closed. The newsreader says it is one of the biggest in the recent times. The Indian borders are certainly open but for the dams. There is no flood in Bihar or Uttar Pradesh. I am reminded of the southern border which is now virtually dammed all across. – Anarchy III.

6 thoughts on “Anarchy I,II and III.

  1. Anarchy-III gonna devast our country.The Ruthless invasion on our teritory is increasing day by day.Shiftingof “Jungey Pillar” or buliding Damns,they are on a gallop to make Nepalnext Sikkim or Bhutan.
    Our Leaders should be strong and diplomatic enough to deal with those Indian Imperialism.And we the people should be aware and United,In case…

  2. This is another gossip from Mr. Karki. He starts somewhere and end nowhere. He wanders for nothing. Get to the point man.

  3. II – i guess is a civillian anarchy and III i guess is the anarchist side of the so called great indian democracy. so pawan, II and III too qualifies as forms of anarchy.
    Heretic, heard of the impending royal coup?? its gonna be fun!! back to bloodshed. This country needs one. Enough of peace and all the crap!!

  4. I don’t know how II and III fits, but first one does fix in the class of anarchy. Third one shows how helpless we are. Yeap, the Indian borders are open for everything but dams.

    I remember what these communists did right after 2046 popular movement. There were anarchy everywhere, set a record ‘Shutdown Nepal’. These commies will never learn. …कुट्टे कि पुछ टेडी के टेडी।

    ०४६ सालको आन्दोलनलाई त्यै कम्युनिष्ट हरुले टुहाइयो, अहिले जन आन्दोलन भाग-२ लाई टुहाउन लागि परेको छ। यो देश सति को होईन, कम्युनिष्टको श्राप लागेको देश हो।

  5. Nicely done. Anarchy, however, is nothing new to this country. It’s been prevalent for ages — and we’re all part of it. All you need to do to witness it in action is something mundane as getting out on the road and observing the traffic. When anarchy is prevalent in the very fabric of daily life, anarchy of extreme magnitude is to be expected naturally; and this is just the beginning.

    Trust me, it’s gonna get worse– WAY WORSE– before it gets better (or not?).

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