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An Easy Means to Salvation – Give Up Your Insistence

When things happen according to what we want or wish, we become proud, whereas, when things do not happen according to our wishes, then we become angry. Both pride and anger are demoniac tendencies (asuric sampatti). Therefore, he who stands firm on his insistence cannot be saved from demoniac tendencies. Demoniac tendencies are binding, and leads to birth and death – “Nibandhaayaasuri mataa” (Gita 16/5). If you don’t have any resolves (wants/determinations) then demoniac tendencies cannot come at all.

No work is as simple as liberation. All three – Karmayog (discipline of action), Jnanayog (discipline of knowledge) and Bhaktiyog (discipline of devotion) are very simple. It is difficult to fulfill what we wish or want. Besides that, what is so difficult? Please tell me. All the difficulties that arise, they arise from this one point that whatever I wish should happen.

Arjuna asked why does a man commit sins, inspite of not wanting to commit sins. Bhagwaan (God) responded – “Kaamesh….” (Gita 3/37). In other words, it is “desires.” After giving lectures for many years, then this point came to me, which made me very happy. We consider ourselves to be independent and we become pleased when things go according to our wishes or the way we want, but in reality it is extreme dependency. The reason is that, fulfilling what we want is dependent on the other. Is someone else fulfilling what we want – is that up to us or what? For no reason whatsoever, you are becoming dependent. And it is said – “Paraadheen sapanehun sukh naahin” (Manas 1/102/3) There is no happiness even in dreams for a dependent one.

Questioner – Maharajji! If our point, our views are known to be true, then should we remain firm on them or not?

Swamiji – If they are dependent on another, then do not remain firm on them. If what we say is truth, it is just, it is beneficial, in present and in future it will lead to good, then those points you may carry out. However, it is totally wrong when you want that the other person should also do the same. We have no rights in this.
Questioner: In a family, various members remain closely connected. If another person does not listen, then it will have a negative affect on the other members.

Swamiji: If they do not do then they will have to suffer the consequences. But in that we will not incur a sin. We can share the good points, if they listen, then it a joyful thing, and if they do not listen then too it is a joyful thing. Now remember these two points. If something is just, beneficial to another, will lead to salvation, and if wife, son, grand-son, nephew etc. accept it then it is a good thing, and if they do not listen to it, then it is a very good thing. Now how is it a very good thing? We will not be trapped if they do not listen to us, but if they continue to listen to us then we will be trapped. I had told this many years back in Calcutta, that if you listen to me, and follow what I say, than I will be trapped. I will be unable to leave this place. But because you do not listen to me, than this is your grace, it is due to that that I am independent and free. He who listens to what we say, we will have to come under their power. We will have to experience dependency. People leave their homes and become ascetics. But even while staying at home you can become an ascetic, a renunciate, as the people in your household do not listen to you. We must share those things that are beneficial to us, and to others, whether the other person listens or does not listen.

From book “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi 693 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

The same message is available in HINDI titled “Manchaahi ka Tyaag – 3” at:



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