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All We Seek Is Vanity

dreams that break
hearts that shake
eyes that meet, and
roll over the other way;
things that happen
happen anyway.
is there anything left
for me to say?If i wash my face,
for you to spit upon
if i love her like i should,
just to see her gone.
if i learn “everything”
only to lose my mind
if i encage my soul
and free mankind;
there is nowhere else
for us to be
there is nothing left
there is to see.Love is love,
not for me – nay!
pain is pain,
feeding my soul today
dark is the place,
hiding my ugly face
Life is life
i have nothing more to say…

Like an uprooted tree-
praying for rain
like a paralyzed child-
begging for pain.
like a blinded eagle-
crying to see,
i look into your eyes,
but i can’t see me.
i watch myself,
and i can’t see me

The door that closed,
will never let us in.

the road that ended,
will never begin.

its a matter of time,
we all take our turns

And the rage inside us,
will forever burn.

in the end,
we all agree –
all we seek is vanity!

0 thoughts on “All We Seek Is Vanity

  1. “things that happen
    happen anyway.”

    and u know bishwa, miracle happens. 💡

    great poem. nice flow

    -> reality bites … question strikes .. u try to see things… then the realization begins … the realization of the flow of time … and the poem ends -| . . . but the whole life is in-betweens

    cheers to life!!!

  2. Hey Loona, i guess i shud explain this a bit 🙂
    I’m not up with my usual ramblings over this one, which, many of the folks might have understood, or exactly misunderstood. I mean, what is the use of “sitting like a paralyzed child, in front of a door that never opens”? even if you pray like an uprooted tree at the end of the road that never begins, and can’t get anything in return, then the road u’r on is definitely the wrond one… so you must let it go… walk back the same road and you’ll find another one, just “ahead” of you… life’s long enough for small changes like these you see… and in the end you will realize that you did the right thing.

    all we seek is vanity, the more i think of it, the better i feel.

    and yes, you’r the first one to smile at this one. thanks 🙂

    cheers to life!!

  3. Quote: “The door that closed,
    will never let us in.

    the road that ended,
    will never begin.

    its a matter of time,
    we all take our turns”

    Nice One Biswa!! It is definately matter of time, but sometimes you may never notice the doors that are open while you keep on looking at one. May be the road that ended never meant for you to travel, coz u may have a destiny of ur kind.
    At times you have to go with the flow, and cherish wht you have. 😎 :mrgreen:

  4. is it all we seek is vanity….????
    time is a greatest healer.. it could show you something supreme to seek rather than just vanity..just my thoughts mate…
    in all… a great poem..good flow of thoughts and excellent words…


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