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Ajit Kumar Chaudhary’s US Visit

Traveling to a culturally diverse place has always intrigued me.  It provides me an opportunity to relish the beauty of distinct culture, traditions and values. I always had a dream to travel to US and that came true when I heard the news of my chances for US visit. I had a very short time to prepare for my visit so I did not really plan everything from the beginning. I never had an experience of a long flight journey so was a bit nervous yet very enthusiastic to visit to the place where life is full of opportunities and choices.

My flight from Kathmandu to Boston was scheduled on May 10th. After 28 hours of long journey, I finally arrived at Boston Logan International Airport. It felt so good to see Ashay dai and Sagar dai who came to receive me at the airport.We then drove together towards Ashay dai’s home at Belmont. It was start of the summer and the weather could not be any better.

My accommodation was at Ashay dai’s residence which has a lovely neighborhood and the surrounding just felt unusually quiet and peaceful (compared to my noisy apartment at Dhobighat).I could see more number of cars than people on the road.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the surrounding and often went for short walk in the evening or morning.

My experience of visiting our Lexington office was great.

The office is located at an amazing place with people full of positive vibes. I was very excited and glad to finally see the people with whom I used to have chat and call from Nepal office.

The office is located at an amazing place with people full of positive vibes. I was very excited and glad to finally see the people with whom I used to have chat and call from Nepal office. Everyone at US office behavedso friendly and happily welcomed me.Thismade me feel more comfortable and easier to work right from the very first day.  The next day was weekend and I was super excited to go for a hike to Potluck at New Hampshire. We clicked photos of awesome sculptures and spent a great time with family members of Sanjeev dai and Abanish dai.

The week days in Lexington office triggered with early morning calls with Nepal team and then with daily standups. We would discuss on generic and critical client issues along with hotfixes across all our products. The working environment was usually very busy.I could see client callsrunning on every corner of meeting room.I used to sit straight infront of our Account Manager Obinna and observed him mostlydealing with clients complains and issuesand I learned in managing client issues/complains and organizing to meet the client’s requirement and expectation in time.

On the weekends, I once flew to Buffalo, New York to meet my school friend. It felt so great to see him after such a long time. We shared our childhood talks and memories and had a great time. He took me to Niagara Falls which is 8th wonder of the word. Since, the fall lies between the border of Canada and United States, I got chance to view southeast of Toronto which is 75 miles from Buffalo, New York. The view was awesome and I wonder if I would had a chance to visit such awesome place again.My next trip was to the fourth most populous city in US, Houston.  The city lies in the southern US with its own distinct landscape, demographics and culture. Here, I had the chance to meet my college mates, along with whom, I toured the city. Fortunately, it was 4th of July (a holiday in US); we went for roller coaster, enjoyed firewood, played F1 race and viewed world biggest 24 lane highway.My final destination was New York City. It goes without saying, it is a global city with its own unique mix of culture, tradition and demographics. The most celebrated places were the famous Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building.  I visited these entire place and many more with unfathomable joy (despite being lost in Metro at times).

Back in my own temporary home town (Boston), I explored places like Harvard square, MIT, Quincy Market, Down Crossing and tech giant like Microsoft, Google and Facebook and many shopping malls and restaurant with Sagar dai, Anita Vauju, Manish dai, Bipul dai and Rosina di. I learnt culture, tradition, ethic, manner and discipline that is completely different from Nepal.

I was lucky enough to meet complete team including executive and sales in US office. The bowling we played together with the team will always remain in my mind and I will be going to miss that Muna Bhauju lunch invitation, attending Erica’s graduation party, Rebika didi house warming party, Mukta didi dinner and ice-cream party, Smriti didi mustang car ride and dinner party, Ashay dai, Sagar dai, Manish dai, Bipul dai, Rosina didi support and guidance will always stay in my memory.

Overall, my experience to Deerwalk office at US was enriching me many ways. It was fruitful to me both professionally and personally.  I can never thank enough to the entire Deerwalk family for providing me this opportunity.

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