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After Election Dillema

From: Youth for Nepal
“Upload the Revolution”
Good Things that we can Applaud:

1. Capitalistic Maoist: We should welcome their announcement for Private-Public Investment for development, Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) and support for Globalization. The decision for State being only the facilitator is encouraging.

2. Changing Bureaucracy: Removing Feudal, Corrupt and Lethargic Bureaucracy in Nepal is laudable. The total revamp in this sector will give people new hope. The cooperation and coordination between different ministries is a good way to progress.

3. Empowering People: this election many Women, Dalits, and Minorities won, this is a very positive sign that we Nepalese are moving ahead in positive direction, crushing Feudalism and caste barrier.

4. New Nepal: Definition might differ but we must agree we all need PEACE and PROSPEROUS NEPAL. Economically and politically strong Nepal.

Things to watch out for:
1. YCL: Maoist should control the intimidation and atrocities through their youth wing(YCL).

2. Tyranny: even though they have agreed on Democratic power, there shouldn’t be dictatorship and tyranny. Stick to what you have Promised to the People, the ‘Democratic Nepal”

3. Agreeing to Disagree: The opposition (NC/UML/MJF) if possible should join the government and coordinate in building prosperous Nepal. They shouldn’t play dirty politics and jeopardize Nepal’s future by looking at their own self interest. We should realize that if we cannot address the nation’s interest at large we’ll be a failed nation and even worst lead towards disintegration.

Being Compulsively Optimistic: I feel all the major political parties have learned their lessons. Now they should stop acting on their OWN SELF INTEREST and SHOULD FOCUS ON BUILDING NATION FOR BETTER.

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