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Indra Dhoj Kshetri


Acute Fuel Shortage in the capital

Petrol shortage 003.jpg
Queue at a petrol pump in Sundhara (Pic: Indra Dhoj Kshetri)
Even an ordinary strike in the parts of the nation cripples lives of people in the capital. They were frequently targeted by the Maoists in the past days through various strikes and blockades. Month long declared strikes in the previous years made us think whether the Maoists …

wanted the valley dwellers to die of hunger. Even after the restoration of democracy, popularly said as ‘Lokatantra’, the fate of valley dwellers hasn’t improved either. kathmandu valley has begun to experience acute fuel …shortage these days. Only God knows how ling this continues.

Owing to the lack of petrol,I didn’t ply my motorbike on road yesterday. I used public transportation. However, I had to attend an important program this afternoon and I ran towards the petrol pump . The army Petrol Pump only wrote ” Only diesel available here. Then I reached Sundhara. Nearly fifty motorbikes and a dozen taxies were already queuing to fill petrol. A tanker with only a 4,000 litre of petrol was arrived. We waited until the tanker emptied itself. The queue was so large that the number of bikes would have crossed a thousand and nearly a hundred people had assembled with gallons and bottles in their hand to fill the motorbike stranded somewhere on the road. As soon as the tanker emptied itself, the pump owner began to bargain that he won’t distribute petrols unless the crowd is managed. My God! who would manage the crowd?

After nearly three hours’ wait I had a turn to fill just two litres of Petrol. I am uncertain how long will it suffice. I had reached the pump two hours prior to my program started. However, I left the pump only after I was delayed with an hour. Who shall take this responsibility?

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  1. Hey Huh!
    I didn’t want to minimise the gravity of problems of Madheshi people. I agree with you that this movement is more significant thatn April revolution, suposedly for the people in Madhesh. They are genuine. I indicated ordinary strikes in general on which the capital is vulnerable to such difficulties even during the strikes organised for very minimal demands.

    My point is that the government should ensure the supply of the goods of daily needs in the capital.

  2. “ordinary strike?” almost 20 people dead, scores injured – you call that ordinary? this is more life than april uprising.

    but since you guys seem to be smug capitalists and dont seem to value human lives, esp. madhesi, even in the economic sense, this is a historic revolution, and to 40% of nepali people more significant than april.

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