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Act of Fishing

250. Act of Fishing
Photo By: Nischal Shrestha
Posted Date: 8th August 2008

Malaha “Fisher man” fishing on flooded paddy to collect fish and sell it to nearby HatBazar(Weekly market). Fishing requires utmost skill, throwing the fishing-net skillfully is an act or skill that determines how well you can catch fish. The shot was taken during my visit to Siraha.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Act of Fishing

  1. Good effort Nischal! This picture depicts hardship of a Local Fisherman. I assume it would have been a great picture if you could manage few more minutes to walk down to the paddy field and compose the Fisherman and his fishing net tightly to make the ‘subject’ vivid. Though high perspective enables viewers to see shape of fishing net and locality, it weakens ‘subject’ domination.

    Well every photographer is a unique artist, with a distinctive style and perception. And you must have had different thought in mind when you took this picture. So, my suggestion is to try different perspective while taking pictures in any situation, not just normal perspective as we see world around.

    Indeed you have clicked it in a right moment to freeze the fishing net in air and even single second before or after would make this pictures totally different mood. Keep it up!

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