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Across the water fall, along with nature…

Hiking Route: Kaule – Shivapuri Nikunja – Kakani
Date: Sunday, Dec 07, 2008
Participants: Aalok Pokhrel, Keshab Ghimire, Neeraj Dhungana, Prabhat Man Sainju, Rajendra Banjade, Rohan Bhattarai, Sudeep Ghimire, Sudeep Khatiwada, Tejaswee SJB Rana, Ujjwal Shrestha
Photos: Keshav Ghimire/ Rajendra Banjade
Report: AalokP/ NeerajD/ PrabhatS/ RohanB/ SudeepG
Caption: RajendraB and KeshabG
Creative Support: Dijup Tuladhar/Pallavi Sharma

Aalok Pokhrel’s recollections:
I got an invitation call on Saturday night from Sudeep bro for the hiking the next day.I agreed right away without thinking. But, later I wasn’t sure if my decision was right, because all hikers were from D2 itself except me.

At first, I wasn’t much excited because I had been to Kakani couple of times before. But, the narrow challenging trails, radish and dry corn fields, amazing water fall, made it interesting and gave us a thrilling experience. Oops! How can I forget “Daal Bhat” at roof top-probably the highest part of Kakani? My mouth salivates every time, I remember it. Tree plantation and distributing copies and pencils to school children was a fun experience too. Perhaps, all that made it unforgettable and one of the best hikes I had ever been to.

Many of us have crossed the river, heard of people crossing the sea, but…but have you ever imagined about crossing the waterfall? I never had, but we crossed the water fall too. It was indeed the best part of hiking and all of us felt a sort of achievement after that.

Neeraj Dhungana’s recollections:
The hiking program coordinated by Sudeep Khatiwada was a trip from D2 office to Kakani and back to D2 office. We left D2 office at 8 am sharp to Kaule. We reached Kaule around 9 am and we had a breakfast there. After half an hour we start our hiking from the Kaule.

At the start of the hike, we met few students and some students thought of Sudeep Khatiwada a ‘Kuire Tourist’ which was a really funny. The first activity was to climb and walk on the agricultural area where “Kodo” and “Mula” were planted. Our friend took a photo of an old woman, after giving a pose for the snapshot, she asked for the money because she thought we were tourists. Then we moved ahead for an hour and we reached a small village called ‘Okhkhar Pouwa’. Friends were joking all along and the hike was wonderful. After crossing village, we took an unknown way towards jungle and kept moving ahead for fun and adventure. In jungle we came across a waterfall and through this way we crossed the jungle after almost 3 hours after which we reached border of the jungle which was the entry point of the Shivapuri National Park and that was the surprise because none of us knew that we were hiking in the national park itself. We reached the International Training Centre where our lunch was ordered but before taking lunch we did some plantation in an area specified by the officials. After plantation we had lunch and moved towards the school at Kakani. All the hikers distributed exercise books and pencils to students. When we decided to leave we felt that they were really happy because of our presence over there. Finally we visited the Kakani memorial park which was built in the memory of all peoples who were died in air crash of Thai Airways in 1992.

Then we took the office van from there and left Kakani for Kathmandu at 4:30 pm and we had a small tea session on the same restaurant where we had our breakfast. Then at 6:15 pm we arrived at D2 office. The most memorable and funniest person of the entire hiking was Sudeep Ghimire.

Prabhat Man Sainju’s recollections:
If there is one way I would quote this hiking, it would be “From nowhere to middle of nowhere”; not in a negative sense but just a reflection of what happened there. It was a pleasure to go through the fields, inside the untamed forests and crossing the never-crossed springs. It was first of a kind experience for me and guess for the rest of hikers as well.

It all began from D2 Office from which we were supposed to leave at 6:30 am. With a warm cup of tea at the “Didi’s café” and not knowing what was ahead, we left the D2 premises. We were excited with the recollections of Rajendra on his past hikes and thought to repeat the same feat again. With all that behind, we headed to Kakani. The road to Kakani was single lane and every now and then, we would get stuck with the vehicles coming from the other direction. After about an hour of journey, we stopped in restaurant by the road for the breakfast; the heaviest one ever known. With stomach full, we finally reached Kaaule and then the hiking began.

Rather than moving from easier way to the harder one, we directly climbed the stiff hill. It might have been nothing for the experienced hikers, but for most of the rookies like me, RohanB & NeerajD, it was like climbing the Everest. After first 15 minutes of hike, we were already gasping. But then we got used to with it as we went through more and tougher way ahead. With the crackers from everyone the journey began to look much easier. Marching down the radish fields and making frequent stops, we went through Okharpauwa catching the scenic beauty of the rural villages in the Kathmandu Valley. Watching the twisting and turning roads down below, we finally entered the dense jungle which was the so-called Shortcut suggested by SudeepK. It was like jungle inside a jungle and so on…It just never gave up but instead presented us new and thrilling surprises deep beneath it. Then came the majestic spring that we had to climb rather than cross as there was no way out with most of us hanging in the slope holding the branches of trees. ‘Kalij’ was the embarrassing surprise in the jungle that scared us from the bushes. It was really tiring for me and other first timers and hadn’t it been the “Black Tea”, we would have fallen behind scattered. And then another jungle; it was like a never ending one. 10 men and not a soul except those 10. SudeepG then came up with a herbal solution to energize us with some kind of a stem that he called “kandamul’ (need a deep research on that). TeejaswiR and UjwalS (wearing AIG T-shirt) gave us some financial lessons on Global Credit Crunch one our way.

Finally, there was a light at the end of tunnel; we had reached to our destination without any prior knowledge of where it was. To everyone’s surprise the dense jungle we had been through, was Shivapuri National Park which we didn’t know either. After a long hustle and few breaths left, we manage to reach Kakani. 4 hours of hill climb had cracked everyone in the team.

Rohan Bhattarai’s recollections:
“Dai tapai sarai alchi hunuhuncha, tapai ko bhudi ghataunu paryo…” SudeepK says.
This was my first hike from D2 and I found it very thrilling and exciting. As the hiking invitation came to our unit, SudeepK stood up to coordinate this. He shared his plan with me about 2 hours hiking (which actually took longer than planned), and idea of Tree Plantation, which we found great.

On Sunday, we stepped our first step directly from stiffed hill of Kaule and entered Ghana Jungle of Shivapuri. SudeepK and RajendraB were the first in our hikers row, followed by others and at last myself. We hike and hike and there was surprise left for us…and that was the Waterfall in between the jungle, which was the shortcut plan of SudeepK. After a very tough experience, we finally crossed the waterfall with support of branches as there was no way. Finally at International Training Centre, established by International Scout, we began tree plantation – novel concept, have lunch, distributed copies and pencils – as usual D2 CSR, visited Memorial Park and head towards our destination. In nutshell, I will say that SudeepK managed this hiking very well. Hats-off to him.

Sudeep Ghimire’s recollections:
Actually when we reached at Kaule, we were not sure about where to begin the hike from. We asked local people about the hiking route. Not a route but a track with local cultivated land, we found. After half an hour of our journey, hiking took a different turn. A strange sight was a village on the mountaineous region with a huge landslide; it made us think of how tough living in or at mountains and hilly reagion is. From that point, we were going to enter through the jungle.

The sunday hiking has been so great especially with the weather being cloudy.

Please click on the image to see its large version.

- All set for hiking
01 – All set for hiking
 Lalu pate phulera lal bhayo
02- Lalu pate phulera lal bhayo
 Time to have some breakfast
03- Time to have some breakfast
 They save for the future
04- They save for the future
05- Panchakanya
 Hike starts
06- Hike starts
 At different level
07- At different level
08- Scattered
09- Biskun-Sukul
 Dream a damaged home
10- Dream a damaged home
 Having Rest
11- Having Rest
12- Motherhood
 Easy going
13- Easy going
 Natural White cement
14- Natural White cement
 In the process of making Gundruk
15- In the process of making Gundruk
 Who's gonna stay there
16- Who’s gonna stay there
 Thinking of getting some water
17- Thinking of getting some water
 Where is the pathway
18- Where is the pathway
 No work but team work
19- No work but team work
 Into the jungle1
20- Into the jungle1
 Into the jungle2
21- Into the jungle2
 In to the jungle3
22- In to the jungle3
 Waiting for others
23- Waiting for others
Water fall and erosion
24-Water fall and erosion
 Risky climb
25- Risky climb
 Our turn
26- Our turn
 Give me hand
27- Give me hand
 Toughest part of the hike
28- Toughest part of the hike
 Come on Rohan
29- Come on Rohan
30- Frozen
 Testing Kandamul
31- Testing Kandamul
This way
32-This way
 The hikers
33- The hikers
 Nearest National park from Ktm
34- Nearest National park from Ktm
 Recycle bin
35- Recycle bin
 Campfire area
36- Campfire area
 Examining the power of wind
37- Examining the power of wind
 Looming to the destination
39- Looming to the destination
 Sign of winter
40- Sign of winter
 Holiday homes
41- Holiday homes
 How far  they are
42- How far they are
 Likhu Rivar as seen from Kakani
43- Likhu Rivar as seen from Kakani
44- Utensils
 Let's go for the plantation
45- Let’s go for the plantation
 Here are plants
46- Here are plants
 Effort on digging
47- Effort on digging
 Is it enough
48- Is it enough
 Dig more
49- Dig more
 One for each
50- One for each
51- Planting1
52- Planting2
 Enjoying the work
53- Enjoying the work
 When will this grow to tree
54- When will this grow to tree
 Small plant
55- Small plant
 Irrigating plant1
56- Irrigating plant1
  Irrigating plant2
57- Irrigating plant2
 Waiting for lunch
58- Waiting for lunch
59- FYI
 School on the way
60- School on the way
 Our small support to them
61- Our small support to them
 For Encouragement
62- For Encouragement
 Thank you D2
63- Thank you D2
 Future stars
64- Future stars
 He aims to be a teacher
65- He aims to be a teacher
 Contribution for the school
66- Contribution for the school
 Stepping up to the memorial park
67- Stepping up to the memorial park
 A well maintained park
68- A well maintained park
In memory of
69-In memory of
 all of them
70- all of them
 Temple and tree
71- Temple and tree
 Blooming Flower
72- Blooming Flower
 Sunset at D2
73- Sunset at D2

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  7. I had a stupendous time hiking to Kakani. It was great catching up on some European soccer and making some new friends. Sudeep, the logistics were very well organized. Thank you!!

  8. Agree with above responses that waterfall looks scary and we returned safely out from the jungle. However, as there is a popular saying “Greater the risk, better the profit”, if we would not have gone through the middle of a jungle we would not have seen such an aspect of nature and we would not have had such a wild experience. So, with due respect to others’ opinion, I suggest that try to experience something different and something more adventurous.

  9. Looking at the pics, i feel happy that i didn’t go for hike this time. hehehe…. 🙂

    Anyways, this one looks tough and the waterfall part looks, scary…

  10. Seems it was a gre8 experience for you hikers 😀 …pictures speaks so well the fun you all had and the plantation part of the hike is really something to appreciate … well done sudeep and the team

  11. Thank u Shutterbug ..

    i love hiking i think we should make a trend in our hiking by “planting few saplings while hiking” this would probably make a difference and promote in a better world a better tomorrow

  12. Thank you for responding my curiosity. You guys have done a great job, planting few saplings while hiking. I am an optimist and I believe small effort like this can definitely help to save our environment and Earth. Keep this effort alive and would be very nice if other EU Hiking Team follow the trend. Without a doubt this effort is the Best Shot of Life 😀

  13. Shutterbug, thanks for the analysis.

    Regarding Plantation, which was our main theme. As said by HOBO, it got muted due to the Waterfall part.

  14. Actually our coordinator comes up with this great idea and he planned all these. But because of such tough hike (specially the WATER FALL part), the writers get distracted. As a result focus of our hike (TREE PLANTATION) muted. However, what we experience and how we feel during whole hiking and during plantation can not be reflected completely through these couple of snaps and reports.

    Well thanks to “SHUTTERBUG” for coming with all these analysis.


  15. Shutterbug‘s Pictures Rating.

    Nature’s Best shot : ’23- Waiting for others’
    Journalistic shot : ’15- In the process of making Gundruk’
    Well Composed shot : ’05- Panchakanya’
    Creative shots : ’73- Sunset at D2′ (should have posted upright) & ’06- Hike starts’
    Best Landscape shot : ’43- Likhu Rivar as seen from Kakani’
    Prize winning shot : ’43- Likhu Rivar as seen from Kakani’ (except the quality)

    Some suggestions I would like to make:
    Pic no: ’05’ needs some interaction which could beam those faces of school girls.
    Pic no: ’14’ lacking some human interest. (May be a bunch of hikers waving hands for Camera).
    Pic no: ’16- Who’s gonna stay there’ ? Viewers have no answer either. It would be nice if you can write short description about this mini ‘Machan’ which is erected by villagers to keep surveillance on wild animals of Shivapuri National Park to protect their crops from being eaten.
    Pic no: ’24’ is posted upside down.
    Pic no: ’29’ & ’28’ need to rotate clockwise.

    By the way, Pic no: ’01’ suggest that you people took along some saplings for tree plantation but nobody is mentioning about this good effort to save our environment in their reports. Why so?

  16. To find the treasure and feel pleasure, you gotta go through the unknown way.That is all this hike was about..

  17. I had my heart in my mouth when climibing through the waterfall. The fall above was .. beautiful.. the fall below .. fatal!

  18. Very pleasant hiking jasto chhani…you people showed audacious steps while in the toughest part of journey (Water fall)…

    you people must have fun…

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