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Introduction to NGO

EverestUncensored is a non-profit civil society organization born from among the generation of computer engineers, committed to serve the society through various welfare and development tasks. We are actively organizing different social welfare events like medical camps, computer trainings and stationary distribution at remote and underprivileged sectors. Currently our programs are more focused around Kathmandu valley but we intend to expand it nationwide. Our primary focus has been social empowerment at different sectors through awareness programs, qualitative capacity building, trainings, and skill enhancement programs. Registration info We are registered under corporate registration act 2034 section (4) on 2066-5-9 B.S. Reg. no. 213
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Executive Team:


Everest Uncensored.org is a democratic forum that provides a platform for a rational exchange of diverse views and opinions. We are a diverse community of people from all walks of life, representing a variety of views. We believe expressing our ideas, no matter how unconventional, plays an important part in shaping our individual and national destiny. We also believe that meaningful rational dialogue is the hallmark of a democratic society and the best means to resolve differences.
We are still a small community and are looking for contributors. We would be glad to hear views and opinions, stories and poems, anecdotes and narratives.

Working Team

  • Bidha Rimal [LIN]
  • Bikesh Babu Rajbanshi [Development]
  • Bikram Lal Shrestha [Development]
  • Binita Baidya [CM]
  • Bishwadeep KC [Development]
  • Brija Karmacharya [QC, LIN]
  • Dijup Tuladhar [Design, Logo]
  • Ganesh Thapa [CM ]
  • Kundan Khanal [IT ]
  • Jitendra Bajracharya [LIN ]
  • Mahesh Rag Regmee [CM ]
  • Mamata Ojha [LIN ]
  • Manik Madhikermi [SEO]
  • Nischal Shrestha [Design]
  • Pragya Ratna Bajracharya [CM]
  • Prajwal Shrestha [Poll]
  • Prerana Pradhan [CM]
  • Rina Maharjan [LIN]
  • Sangharsha Bhattarai [Development]
  • Shamesh Joshi [Poll ]
  • Shankar Subedi [IT ]
  • Vishnu Kshettri [Advisor]

Share Your Skill

Primary objective of this program is to share the skill to the needy students so as to make them computer literate and make them knowledgeable enough to explore further and to maintain the computer lab facilities with available resources. We hope this entirely volunteer based program will make them knowledgeable enough to explore further.

Volunteers – EU Share Your Skill – Ama Ghar

  1. Ramesh Baral
  2. Tilak Magar
  3. Nabin Maharjan
  4. Rajendra Banjade
  5. Prabin Paudel
  6. Manoj Rokka
  7. Paras Babu Tiwari
  8. Chandra Man Shrestha
  9. Suresh Maharjan
  10. Suresh Thapa
  11. Kanchan Raj Pandey
  12. Anish Shrestha
  13. Ujjwol Lamichhane
  14. Suraj bhattarai