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About you

I never know how much I know you
I never know how much I feel you
It is all you inside me
Can’t think anything except you
Everywhere is  you  this is all about you

Looking thorough your eyes      
The feelings
Don’t let the feelings end
The feelings of everything inside your eyes
Looking through your eyes 

Listening to you
Better than listening to music of nature
Being lost in the horizon
The sound that creates smile

Every breath you takes
Whisper of love
A feeling to being together

When you are with me
Feeling of love and whisper is every where
Overcoming darkness of night
Light of hope and glory  
Gentle warmth
An un-expressed love feeling the silence.
New season arrives
Flowers are every where
Something is not changing is
Only You
All about you
And my love for you will continue to glorify
This is All about you 

71 thoughts on “About you

  1. K ho saurae…bado poetry lekhnae vaiechhas .. never knew you were a poet …has it to do with Bhavs getting married as Raj was suggesting?

  2. Thakur Ji Boston Wale..
    Dai.. Tero pheri love paryo.. let me know when are u breaking up with this one, we have to schedule a drinking plan. Pher PINA PAREGA.:opps

  3. K garnu Computition high chha…

    And the best Kaudi Poem Award Goes to ….. Kaudi Saurav Thakur … Hurray!!!

  4. Every man become poet when he falls in love. But saurav is different. He becomes poet when broken in love 😛 good luck buddy!

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