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Abhishek Man Singh Maharjan’s US Visit

My official visit to the US started from September 1, but before going to the US I had a quick 1 week stop at Germany to visit my Sister, Brother in law and Aunt. I am very grateful to Deerwalk that I was granted a week of leave to visit Europe before stepping on the US soil. It was my first visit out of Asia. I landed in Germany on 27th August, I was intrigued by the lovely architecture that the Germans had. I visited cities such as Cologne, Bonn, Montabaur and Heidelberg in Germany and even had a tour of Amsterdam, Netherlands during my 1 week stay in Germany. My stay in Germany was very exciting and memorable.

On 1st September, I landed on Logan Airport, Boston and took a taxi to Ashay’s House where I was staying for 2 days (and few more days later in the month) since it was a Labor day weekend and Sanjeev was on vacation. Barsesh and Pratik were on the door waiting for me when I reached there. I considered myself a bit lucky since I was going to have an extra 2 days of rest before going to office on 4th September. Bipul and Rosina visited us on the same day took us to different shopping malls. On Labor day we were invited to Sagar’s House where we had lot of fun.

The following day on 4th September, I went to office and met all deerwalkers in US, some known faces and some new ones. It was a good feeling being there and knowing I was going to be working there for a month with the USDMs and I had worked with all the USDMs as a PM at some point of my career in Deerwalk.

Working in the US for a month gave me an insight on how the US team works and how they handle our clients. I was involved in almost all my client’s calls and meetings even though I was just there to observe. I was very Lucky to visit our newest client which was going to be my client. Me along with Kishor, Kevin and Tim visited that client. I got to see first hand how impressive Kevin was with his smooth talking, handling client’s questions and doubts.

Apart from work, we used to go for evening soccer session with Kishor, Sanjeev, Saroj, Barsesh, Pratik, Sushant and we were joined sometimes by Sagar and Manish as well. I would like to thank Dave for providing the tickets for Red Sox Vs. Blue Jays game in the famous Fenway Park, I enjoyed every minute of the game. I was also fortunate to go to lunch with Rudra dai along with Kevin and Rebika. Thanks Rudra dai for the wonderful lunch.

I was very excited whenever the weekends came, because I had plans for all 3 weekends while I was there.

First weekend, me and Barsesh were off to Chicago to meet Barsesh’s brother in law. We were on a early flight from Boston to Chicago. We visited famous Millenium Park and Willis Tower.

Second weekend, I went to New York (default city for all the deerwalker) to visit my cousin. As my cousin was a local there I think I managed to see almost all the famous sites. Statue of Liberty and Times square were my favourites.

Third weekend, I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit my friends. Mall of America and Minnehaha Falls were the places I visited when I was there.

Fourth weekend, I was busy packing and eager to go back home since I started to miss my family especially by baby daughter. On Sunday morning me along with Barsesh, Pratik and Barsha were on the same flight back to Nepal.

It was a very nice experience to visit new countries and meet lots of new people and a wonderful 5 weeks that I will never forget. Thanks to all the deerwalker who were very generous to call me for dinner at their homes. And lastly thanks to Deerwalk for giving me this great opportunity to Visit US (and Europe as well) for the most wonderful time and valuable experience.

[Abhishek Man Singh Maharjan, Project Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from September 1 to September 30 2018]

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