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Abandoned Website

While googling i suddenly stumbled upon a website addressed as http://www.nepalmonarchy.gov.np. I could not stop myself from getting my mouse hover and clicking over the link. It seems like the site was abandoned after update of proclamation to restore the house of representatives on Monday 24th Apr 2006. The site contains informations about the “Gaurabmaya Itihas” shah dynasty and in some places gives the credit of existence of Nepal to the shah dynasty overlooking all the sacrifices of the …

………martyrs. Dear Readers, if you have time please click on the link above and witness the abandoned sky castle of Gyanendra.

68 thoughts on “Abandoned Website

  1. Hi Nischal, it is horrible to see such a site of Nepal’s king still in name of Court. Hell with Maoists who cannot ask to stop such a site after fighting for 12 years to remove monarchy. Maoists have become royals now.

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