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Aneesh Lohani


A strange Man in a Strange Land Living Among Stranger People

This inescapable journey of unfolding secrets

Revealing, rewarding and punishing too

I see confusing paths and their various outlets

But, caved in, I’m helpless as time goes through



The trails of glitters, allurements and artifice are there

Superimposed in shadows of lust and vanity

Buried are the remnants of piety and prayer

So are the passages to wisdom and sagacity



Trust and honesty are swamped away

Fleeting epics of martyrs’ earnest cries

Contemporary clichés are all they convey

While we gaze at the pyre as sensibility dies



Life goes on: immutable, this condition

Acceptance becomes the commoners’ tool

Expectation: the unattainable luxury of our tradition

The time tested and prevailing rule


Rivers and grains went dry, and so did light

Thirst became an orchestrated ritual

We dealt with the loss like any other plight

And, made our indifference habitual



Time changes and so does trend

Inhumane desires now mark our feelings

Nature’s laws are now for all to bend

Yet, we pride ourselves of new beginnings


Even the blues give birth to dark that sparkles

Supple greens, too, feed the maturing seasons

Playful hues of tranquility and wet sprinkles

Nature: parity for all its denizens



Why then are fissures and schisms around?

Why do we choose separate paths?

Have we lost love and common ground?

Or, is conceit our religion and good men outcasts?



A simple man of probity is left to fight

A tempestuous whirlwind of questions within

Where are justice, compassion, consideration and rights?

Or, is this to be our reality defined?



Forgive me if I condemn these acts

For, I refuse to shrivel to this pointless upheaval

I would rather choose to be a strange man in a strange land

Living among stranger people

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