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–Written by Dylan Thomas, parodied to: ‘Events which piled up to be a story’ by Dhiraj Sharma. Written 5 years back.

Walking giantly, jerking his right hand with beastly anger and blocking the cut with his left hand’s thumb for, his blade in right hand, by mistake, cut his cheeck, Bipin was calling his wife, Renu to get him a towel. But, there was an irony of fate that she was deaf by birth (congenital). So, though she was staying next door in the kitchen, she could hear nothing but, when he …

shouted very loudly, she could experience that something soft was hitting her outer-ear(auricle) and if the sound hit her ear, it would lose its way somewhere before reaching the eardrum. But, Bipin’s ear was so much sensitive that he could hear two ants having conversation with each other. He was a fat, tall and broad man; seemed to suffer from gigantism- a pituitary, growth-hormone disorder. He had ears which were flaps like funnels, a kerosense dealer uses. His forehead was a stone-slit where I always tried to demonstrate my artifact through carving. But the tragedy was that no sooner did I put a steel pointer on his head than he used to wake up and ask me why I was there which, I would reply- “Just for nothing.” It’s not that he used to wake up because his body was sensitive in sleep, but it was because of his sensitive ear which could identify the hoarse sound produced when I moved the pointer on his rough head.

Renu was a short, but fat woman. Her fatness was in a perfect harmony with her height and that harmony gave her a form that she was a pumpkin left unsold in a basket for a long time. Their house was neither less, nor more like a basket of bamboo-sticks. Her shape was so abnormal from human that when Bipin got dead-drunk, he used to pick her up and throw her in a dustbin thinking that the thing he threw was a pile of rubbishes in a plastic cover. The dustbin they had used was a 1000-litre kerosense drum which they had stolen from a kerosense-dealer’s godown and discoloured to make it seem their own. She used to make 100 many efforts to pull herself out of it, but all she tried ended in vain, and if she did succeed to get out of it, there would have been no objection against that her name should be entered in Geneese World Record. After useless attempts, she used to get tired and sleep so sound that even a silent baby can’t sleep in its mother’s warm lullaby. Getting up in the morning, Bipin would replace her with last night’s waste materials, whisky bottles.

One day, Renu was staying in the Sun plugging her ears with ear-phones and though she couldn’t hear, she was nodding her head to different directions in different styles as if she were lost in Jackson’s pop music. There came Bipin with his friends with playing cards in their hands. A surprising thing that happened there was that Bipin started nodding his head very rythmically which was due to a very small leakage of sound from the earphone. Bipin and Renu were both nodding their ownhead as if they were in a competition to win. Very soon, Bipin left nodding his head, but Renu insisted on. Bipin did so for, he could not hear any sound due to the breakdown of battery in the cassette player, but Renu was nodding her head from the very beginning not because she was catching tunes, but just for fun to spend leisured hours. Bipin and his friends started playing cards and soon they were lost in it. Bipin was losing money, but Mr. Ghorkhe was making money. Bipin lost his temper and blew a shot on Mr. Ghorkhe. But then, Mr. Ghorkhe fell down and his head sank in a padded field nearby, and the spot was very like a human-crop growing on a field. The other friends unplugged Mr. Ghorkhe from the padded socket. He was then taken to hospital for treatment.

As days wore on, their friendship came back to a reunion. There was no more enmity between the two(Gorkhe and Bipin). Bipin and all his friends planned to go for an outing to the farthest, cheapest, nicest place. The destination they decided to reach was a newly orgainzed picnic resort where drinking and eating meat were very cheap. So, the place’s name ‘DrAnMe’ was derived as ‘Dr’ of drinking, ‘An’ of and and ‘Me’ of meat. The day before they were going to picnic, they made almost all of their preparations. Their wives were cleansing themselves taking bath, pasting their face in ‘fair and lovely’, borrowing expensive jewelleries from their friends in another village and wearing them around their neck, wrists, ears, nose. depending on the jewel-toll.

The day came when they were going to picnic. All were in excited mood. All seemed to be happy as if the day was their Dashain when they could chew goat’s meat. They were in an assembly- waiting excitingly the bus’s arrival. In the crowd, Mr. Madan’s wife, to show her richness though she really was not, held a round piece of gold in her closed palm which she used to undo close, sometimes when she suspected someone was looking at her. They were altogether 40. They got in the bus very hurriedly as soon as it came. It seemed that, to many of them, it was their first experience of travelling in bus. Some sat on seat, but majority of them loved to stand, put their head out of the window such that someone seeing the bus from far away outside could think the bus to have wings on both the sides and the environment inside the bus was polluted by monkey-noises they made. But, Renu was remaining sad, alone in a corner for, she was not tall enough to stand and put her head out of window. Bipin saw her, understood her grief, went to her pitied her and lifted her from her base( for she was round) and took her to the door and held her outside it. The window would be safer than the door, but it was not wide enough for the pumpkin to pass through. Her face, which had frowned in sadness some minutes ago, now changed to a cheerful one. All the women were singing happy songs, but Renu could not hear them uttering any sound- she could only see them moving their hands and lips up and down, narrow and wide. Thinking that they were teasing her, she untied her shoes, got them in her hand and threw them on the rest of the women(19). One of them kicked on her back. So, she spilled down and rolled towards the door like a soccer heading towards the goal post. This much was very much enough for Bipin to lose his temper. He became mad in anger, roared in egoism and started throwing all the utensils, food stuffs and whatever he could get in his front, ! out of t he window and stuck himself to win bottles, which feared Renu thinking that he would throw her as “a pile of rubbishes in a plastic cover.” So, she remained hidden under her seat. The picnickers tired their best to calm him down, but couldn’t, until they had an idea to play a cassette. Then, he turned Michael Jackson. He felt down unconscious and after coming back to consciousness, he asked them what wrong was going on there. Mr. Dev told him all the events that happened during the time Bipin had gone mad.

Bipin could not show his face to his friends. He felt very much ashamed and asked for an excuse. There was a cloud of sadness covering the pure sky of their picnic. All seemed sad. Bipin repented his folly. They returned back home form there, which was just one quarter distance of their total journey. Everyone was so sad that the bus couldn’t have its wings fledged.

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