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A reason so strong

Boom, there goes the bomb in the busy street.
The wife who to her husband did not bid farewell,
is now forever gone.
With so many tasks undone, so many dreams unfulfilled.
The lass with books in her bag, and dreams in her eyes,
lays down closing her eyes not to open again.
So many people seeing their own fate change in a moment
Where they belonged and where they are…..
Did they deserve it?
Noone knows…

The country sleeps as if nothing happened
Morning has come and yesterday gone.
Life is once again normal.
People coming and people leaving,
rushing in the busy vans and buses.

They sit awaiting for a cause
to stir their blood of patriotism.
May be some reasons so strong…..
which may lie only in a leader’s word.

13 thoughts on “A reason so strong

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  3. Well said Anjana di,
    Keep posting.

    & my full disagreement with this Mr. lekhna (na)jaanne Lekhak!
    Poem is not a ‘poem’ because of its rhyming,
    Not every poem sounds like “Ba Ba black sheep..”,
    Sentiment & the theme are more important than mere alignment of words!

    e e cumming’s Quote by RajB is good.

  4. Lekhak ji, I beg to disagree. All poems do not need rhyme or rythm – I can give you tens of examples from Hayden to Rossetti. Check out Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ or ‘America’ – hailed as the greatest American poet since Whitman. And surely ee cummings will make u pull out all your hair with lines like –

    “am was. are leaves few this. is these a or
    scratchily over which of earth dragged once
    -full leaf. And were who skies clutch an of poor
    how colding hereless.” (Am Was – ee cummings)

    Point is, you are very welcome to your opinions – but please don’t call others poems junk. Thank you.

    And great effort Anjana.

  5. When you write poem think of its quality otherwise this blogsite will be nothing but just a place to dump junk poems.

  6. Lekhak Ji,
    May be you are not aware of the recent happening in our country. The serial bomb blasts and the misfortune that led in our city dated 2nd September 2007 at various places like Tripureswor, Balaju etc.
    Now, isn’t the article a creation of recent events and thoughts?

    QUOTE : “The country sleeps as if nothing happened
    Morning has come and yesterday gone.”

    No wonder you depict as one of the countrymen in those lines.

  7. Never seen a poem without a rythm. Remove all newlines a it will sound nothing but as if someone is thinking. There is nothing new in this article and suggestions simply nothing.

  8. A reason so strong… Nice one! Anjana didi, your sentiments are generous.
    It is a wonderful masterpiece.

    In the memoir of those ill fated victims who didn’t deserve to die or get hurt. Let’s wish and pray that such disaster won’t happen again.

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