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A Porter’s Life

259.A Porter’s Life
Photo By: PIXS Angela Coles
Posted Date: 26th August

This picture shows a Nepalese porter in Kathmandu. This is quite a familiar scene around the city. There are long strings of these men and women carrying anything and everything through the streets always in the same manner.

The women in the hills carry 55kgs of grain and I saw a girl of not more than 10 carrying a load that I would be unable to lift of the ground. Remember the Sherpas? This is Everest country and poverty has driven them to take up such a arduous job. Hat’s off to these hard working people.

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-LIN Editor

3 thoughts on “A Porter’s Life

  1. Tough reality of Nepalese potter’s life and this picture depicts how hard they work in carrying such heavy loads to earn one day’s bread to survive. Angela Coles has framed and clicked the moment significantly well. This is what photography enables us to do, capturing an ordinary scene in an extra ordinary way to untold hidden stories Nepal and its people. Angela Coles! Your thought and work both very commendable.

    Noticeable blur at the potter’s right foot gives a sense of movement; otherwise the picture would looks so static. Photographer can vary such intensity of blur while clicking pictures of moving ‘subject’. Thus, use of Shutter speed is a creative tool we can use to introduce feeling of motion in the picture.

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