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A Note of Dissent

The Universe is stupid and was probably hastily conceived. The Earth should have been an equal distance away from the Sun, so that I wouldn't feel so damn cold. To counter the human ageing effect resulting in the shortened Earth year, Earth could well have bounced to the heavens and back again intermittently while going around the sun to meet the 12-month deadline – it could even have been lengthened further.

All those who think they're cold and/or old, go to Ratnapark to organize a Nepal Band in protest – this is unacceptable.

8 thoughts on “A Note of Dissent

  1. Thank you for informing me, No More Jokes, and for your honest criticisms, Lava and heretic. If it’s against the EU spirit, I won’t post jokes anymore. Unfortunately, I posted another one before I could get to your comment, Non More Jokes. I’ll delete it if it is allowed.

  2. I extremely agree with heratic. try to post at least 10 lines. And aneesh! your previous posts were far better than this one. You can write well . But please dont make this site a joke by posting such jokes.

  3. Heretic, may be Aneesh has everything too short: temper memory typing speed, content length,Ideas, ….. i request everybody to add more items that can be short in him judged by this article.

  4. Come on, dude, I went to all the trouble of clickinig on your post to get the full view…. at least write 10 lines maybe!!!

  5. That was a joke, Lava – a witty joke about laziness and was, therefore, posted under humor. On a more serious and realistic note, what you’ve said is absolutely correct.

  6. If God created the world as Aneesh said these would happen:1. There would be no season, cycle, and changes 2. So, no growth 3. No living things without developing cells and no univerese to be known as the most talented animal human would not be there to know that there is earth and sun. 4. If God ever existed without Humans think properly. I have never seen animals praying or thinking about GOD.
    There fore:
    1. There is always day and night.
    2. There are seasons.
    3. A story: Three lazy people were chatting to avoid work:
    ppl1: If food were already prepared without working a bit what an easy task to make warm and eat everyday!
    ppl2: Don’t say that. Imagine we did not need to make food warm too. It should automatically set its temperature so we do not need to make it warm at all. Just eat.
    ppl3: If plants were born inside everybody’s stomach, we need not have worked.

    Thus life is not so easy. We can imagine things go our way but THE nature has its own wishes.

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