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Rudra Pandey


A Maoist Ploy

The Seven Party Alliance (SPA) should be very careful of what they are getting into. The strike which they have started seems to have gone out of their hands. Activists have started going house to house asking for at least one participant from each family and have asked private businesses to close down forcefully. People have to participate by will, not by force. These tactics are definitely not democratic but rather resemble that of the Maoists.

The parties cannot forget poor people who have to live on daily wages to feed their kids. Small shop owners who barely have a daily profit to get keep their kitchens going should not be forced to shut down for days. Poor cab drivers who depend upon daily commuters to buy their dinners should not be ignored. Calling an indefinite Bandh is a mistake that SPA is doing due to a lack of confidence. This may create chaos, rioting, looting and killing in Kathmandu. It is a whole different story when someone’s three year old child cries and gets sick from lack of food. Angry parents will have no choice but to break local grocery stores and banks. I think that’s the kind of excuse that the King is looking for and the Maoists are dreaming of.

The SPA should never forget that it is the people that matters. They should be very sensitive to the people’s problem and should not take their participation as granted or try to force them. The day the Maoists come to power in Nepal as a communist regime will be the worst one in Nepal’s history. My requests to the SPA leaders would be to not get manipulated by the Maoist tactics and to not ignore helpless people in the name of fighting the King. If they continue this, it may very well back fire. That’s what the Maoists did for the last 10 years and now they are trying to involve the SPA in their dirty game. Their public support gradually declined and was almost non-existent when they used force against the poor people without any consideration.

The parties need to have a clear plan, and calling an indefinite strike is not a good one. It is the poor who will suffer. The King has shown no mercy or responsibility towards the poor, Maoists have been killing them left and right. They will have nowhere to go if the so called leaders start riding on the Maoists’ back and act foolishly. A small mistake changes the fate of a nation for centuries. Leaders need to act responsibly even when they are not in power. People from all walks of life need to be led. Leaders should be thinking of the consequences of the Maoists leading the people.

One should have no doubt about the intentions of the Maoists. They have merely changed their strategy, but they are still fighting for a communist state. In the past, they had waged war against both the King and the parties. However, upon realizing that they would never succeed, they used the age old method of creating conflict between the king and the parties. They succeeded in their ploy because the King was blinded by the greed for power. Now they have brought the parties to their side. They are attacking one enemy with the use of another. Once the King is defeated, they will fight the parties. History bears witness that the communists can never be brought to the negotiating table unless all anti-communists and democratic forces join hands. If the King is defeated, the RNA will have no choice but to join the Maoists. What will follow is carnage with the democratic leaders being executed, exiled or imprisoned. Remember – the communist have no mercy. They kill poor under the ideological cover of helping the poor.

If the current uprising continues the way it is now, we may all regret it. The leaders of the parties, if they have any wisdom, should immediately lead the uprising from the forefront and move forward responsibly. If that does not happen, we might end up being like Angola or Haiti. They will not make Girija, Deuba or Madhav Nepal the president of the new republic. American Ambassador Moriarty had warned the parties and the King on this. The King did not listen then. However, it still isn’t late for the King to pull his act together and forge a compromise with the parties. Let us be united for democracy and defeat the bad guys in the jungle who have started moving to the city. Let us not forget the adage:

भाई फुटे गॅवार लुटे

73 thoughts on “A Maoist Ploy

  1. Yes, the Maoist elite must be laughing in their jungles given the current state of affairs. They have successfully passed their agenda to the SPA and piggy-backed all the way to Kathmandu on the strength of the popular uprising – something that they have been planning for for years now. The SPA has been claiming that they can bring the Maoists to the political mainstream on the basis of their 12-point understanding. Many analysts are also beginning to speak in terms of a bi-polar struggle for democracy with the king on one side and the SPA+Maoists on the other. However one must not forget that the ideologies of the SPA and Maoists remain poles apart. The current understanding is only an expediency for the Maoists and they will surely go back to their totalitarian ways as soon as they have a chance.

    The SPA should take this opportunity to forge a long-lasting consensus between the king, parties and Maoists in order to start a process of enduring reconciliation and democratic change. It remains to be seen if our current leaders have the statemanship to rise above petty politics for this.

  2. If you allow me this is my comment.

    Deeper the root, longer the flow of stream.

    This is a fundamental truth which is not found inherent in our so-called leaders. I have been observing them for a while. These leaders have been known to use the people as ladder to climb unto their height if they get the slightest chance. They should not forget “human altitude is always measured by attitude, not aptitude”.

    Hearing the recent voices of the leaders reminds me the story of the one-eyed turtle. The story goes like this:

    Turtle has a very warm belly and very cool back by nature. When she in the water she feels like going out of the water on to the sand to warm up her back. As the back begins to warm however, her belly starts burning from the sand. Then she goes back to the water again. After a while in the water she is back to square one. Again she goes back to the sand where she is subjected to the same old problem. So, she keeps going back and forth. Only then does she realize that, she should think of a permanent solution. By wonder, she gets an idea of finding a floating hollow sandalwood where she can keep her belly cool at the same time keep her back warm by climbing onto it.

    In reality the probability of a turtle finding floating hollow sandalwood turns out to be only once in thousand years. On top of that, being a one-eyed turtle, she cannot make herself climb onto the floating hollow sandalwood. Yet the irony is that she cannot live without dreaming of the sandalwood.

    This is exactly the kind of predicament that our leaders are in right now.

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