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DSS Year End Hiking-2078

Route Pharping to Dakshinkali
Date Sunday, April 10, 2078
Duration 3 Hours
Coordinator Ujjwal Poudel
Participants Bijaya Shrestha, Ujjwal Poudel, Usha Adhikari, Neha Roy, Nemjala Bajracharya, Laxmi Tiwari, Bindu Poudel, Numa Subba, Reshika Joshi, Sapana Lama, Devi Timalsina, Ganesh Lamichhane
Report By Nemjala Bajracharya
Photos By Ujjwal Poudel, Neha Roy, Laxmi Tiwari, Bindu Poudel, Numa Subba, Devi Timalsina
Creative Support Kiran Parajuli
Nemjala Bajracharya

Gloomy morning, soft breezes felt like it would rain in a moment, but somewhere happy as it was hiking day. The day turned out to be the best day to hike as it was neither hot nor too cold, but still there was some doubt that it would rain and our hiking plan would collapse in a moment. But, luckily we had the moments to remember for long with this hike, 10th April, Sunday.  

We were at the deerwalk complex by 7:25, there I saw great excitement among all the hikers, as all arrived at the right time so the hiace heads exactly at 7:40 A.M. We picked Usha from Kalanki. Altogether, we were 12 hikers including a parent. Though it was a short hike of almost three hours, so instantly we  planned to ramble around Taudaha. It was 8:30 am when we stopped at the location, though small but we found the hotel to be beautiful with its name engraved ‘Namaste Taudaha View Point’.

The Taudaha view was so mesmerizing as we spent more than expected time there as we set to rove around Taudaha. We had tickets and entered. We all were mesmerized by the beauty of the Daha, the first thing that caught our eyes was the beauty of colorful shoals. Groups of black and white ducks hovering around in a line, as if a trained ones. A troop of fishes gathered as we put a soya chunk in the pond. It was a great feeling to look after a school of fishes in one place. We had beautiful moments, we took lots of singles, group pictures, and of course selfies can’t be excluded.We talked, laughed and proceeded our journey further.

After spending an hour there, we started our journey, boarded hiace again and set off for hiking During our journey we crossed Bhanjyang, and finally reached Pharping where our Hiking began. We walked through the unpaved road, steepy slopes, ups and downs. Though tired but being around nature is always soothing, that motivated us to move forward. It was an hour long walk and finally we reached the hydropower station. Pharping Hydro Power Project is the first hydro-power project of Nepal and second of Asia which was declared a Living Energy Museum by the government of Nepal in 2010 and was open to the public. 

The purpose of this power station was to light the palaces of ranas, advisors and the street lights. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the Dam with the background of the village clearly visible from the place where we rested. There we captured lots of pictures being more posey, observing the valley and enjoying every bit of moments.

After a short break our journey moved ahead again, walking through the unpaved narrow passage for half an hour. Walking along the countryside has always been a breathtaking moment,during our hike we saw the suspension  bridge (jholunge pul) from distance,right after that we were much eager to reach that bridge. After walking for 15 minutes we finally reached there and it was worthwhile to stand as the scene was absolutely arresting .All the hikers were overwhelmed to see the view, an enthralling jungle trail from top of the jholunge pul. It was perfectly a ‘wow’ moment. The cool breeze made us feel so cool and refreshed, as it felt like staying there and meditating. Refreshing air, tranquility and a greenery environment was so striking that we all were somehow struck there. But, the destination was a long way to go so we had to move again, passed across the bridge and stepped ups and downs through the short jungle trail. We rested and ate the local cucumbers and some dalmoths that we had bought on the way, after a short break that mainly was allocated to click snaps, giggling,and laughing our journey begins, stretching our legs through the village for 30 minutes finally we were able to see pitched road. 

There were no other trails so we had to hike from a pitched road. After walking for an hour we reached Dakshinkali temple. Luckily it was Sunday, so the temple was not crowded. We got a chance to offer our prayers and after that we went behind the main temple uphill, and reached the top hill. We took a round of the Mata temple and looked at the view of the forest, rested there for a while, and stepped back to Dakshinkali temple. We decided to take our lunch in lalitpur so we headed straight to Kumaripati and had lunch in Theseng, a thakali kitchen and shared the hiking experience among hikers. It was a short but one of the memorable, and exciting hikes so far.