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6th National Technological Festival – LOCUS 2009

Report: Sangita Sharma
Caption: Vishnu Kshettri
Photographer: Nishchal Shrestha
Event Coordinator: Prakash Manandhar,  Nishchal Shrestha & Surendra Adhikari
Members: Sangita Sharma, Chandra Shrestha, Pradeep Gurung, Pravinda Ranjit
Volunteers: Vishnu Kshettri, Upashana Rai, Ashish Shrestha, Prabash Jha, Manik Madhikermi, Pratik Joshi, Jairam Sedai, Asim Shrestha, Deepak Biswakarma, Shilpa Gorkhali, Shilpa Shrestha, Prabhat Sainju, Aakash Shakya, Rikesh Shakya, Nabin Maharjan

Locus, a truly student initiated event organized by Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk  started from 2003 A.D. Since then the event is being organized with newer ideas and innovations every year with participation of the students from various colleges to foster and share their knowledge. Locus events can be broadly classified into competitive and non-competitive events.
This year the event was held from 27-29 November in the IOE, Pulchowk Engineering College. The program was inaugurated by the Minister of Information and Communication Mr. Shankar Pokharel .It was really a great opportunity for D2Hawkeye to be the prime sponsor of such an event where more than 11000 visitors visited within span of three days.
On behalf of D2Hawkeye, Department of Engineering –Mr Prakash Manandhar highlighted the program. He tried to address the gap that still exists between the academics and the practitioners. He also emphasized that D2Hawkeye is continuing to act towards lowering the existing gap by being a part of such events and providing trainings and organizing competitions among the students as a part of corporate responsibility. He on behalf of D2HawkeyeServices expressed his happiness and honor for being a prime sponsor of such a reputed event in the country and would like to continue in forthcoming years too. He also pointed out that graduates of IOE are doing well in D2Hawkeye and hope to be better and more competitive in the coming years too.
The unique identity of D2Hawkeye was revealed from the prominent stall in the premises. Leaflets of Trainee and Software Professionals were distributed. The group of volunteers enthusiastically presented the charm of D2Hawkeye to the mass of inquisitive visitors. This event aided for the exposure of D2Hawkeye amongst the future potential generation.
Talking about the event, the main charm of the event was Hardware and Software Competition, electrical events, paper presentation, games and bikalpa competitions. The Summary of the programs that took place within different Events was as follows:

S.N Events Topics
1. Software Competition and Exhibition
  • Face Detection Using Open CV
  • Motion Detector
  • E-Shopping Cart
  • Academic Routine Scheduler
  • Departmental Store Management
  • Bubble Game
  • Web Miner
  • PUSET Browser
2. Hardware competition and Exhibition
  • Advanced Security System
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot Implementing Evolutionary Spiking Neurons
  • Control of Circuits through RF
  • Domestic Control Cum Security system
  • Home Security System
  • Laser Based Test Communication
  • Line Tracking Vehicle
  • Microcontroller Based Automated Line Following Robot
  • Mobile Bug
  • Robot (Wiper)
  • Security System
  • Wireless Water Monitor with Automated Switching
  • Automatic Water Pump Control System
3. Electrical Exhibition
  • Electrical Hardware Competition
  • Micro Hydro and Peltric Set demonstration
  • Power Generation and Transmission Modeling
  • Different pictures, cartoons, art and information about electrical energy and energy crisis
  • Wholes home energy system
  • Wireless electricity transfer
  • Low cost wind mill
  • Hydro cyclic pump


Apart from exhibition and competitions, there were some really interesting stalls like how to fix your computers, Hair solar panel and Wind turbine. Hair solar panel and wind turbine were concepts of renewal energy which is very useful in the context of Nepal where energy is of prime concern.

Nevertheless, the program was a success since it was able to bring all the talented students in one platform to showcase their hard works to others and get recognized in crowd. This event was successful in creating hope for the newly born scientist in implementing their ideas for the development of the country. Policy makers and decision makers should really think of these students and provide them conducive environment and opportunity to hone and enhance their knowledge.

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  1. @HiringFreeze u smell like a conceited management dumbhead. There are things like ‘charity’ and ‘social work’ that do not always care about the profit in return but are driven by the sense of responsibility towards the society.

    post resembles to those of so called administrative posts but severely lacks quality.

    I think this is not the first time D2 has sponsored LOCUS so not really an “initiation” but rather a continuation. Ppl may agree or disagree but the fact is D2 could not have been what it is today without the large pool of minds, each one nurtured for 4 years by IOE and its affiliates. Any responsible mind would think that now the time has come to make the payback even in a larger scale than this.

  2. That is superb. But why no details of projects posted here? No Creative projects? No Creative solutions? How could Nepali society benefit by those electrical, electronics projects? If more details posted it would have been better instead of IT minister’s face. It would be nice to see IT head of TU’s face instead of minister. We may need to change this habit.Actually, all IT heads of all engineering colleges across the country should have been there so knowledge sharing could be better. “11-young-man-on-right-was-coordinator-of-locus” what is his/her name? Captioning may need to be revisited.
    “25-2-arrangers-1-from-d2-other-from-locus” could have been better written Prakash Surendra and instead of third person from locus NAME.
    And view of the exhibition visitors: Which one is best, better good, raNKING COULD HAVE BEEN PROVIDED TO SATISFY THE HUNGER OF TECHNO GEEKS

  3. Nice pictures and initiative. I wonder what the point is though – since we’re under a hiring freeze.

  4. It was nice experience to be member of such events. It is enthusiastic that D2 have created such opportune to their employees and participant. I hope that D2 will continue promoting such events to encourage IT development in our country.

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