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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



Most people are aware that good advertising, marketing and salesmanship play key roles in promoting goods and services. We see a huge variety of advertisements and different approaches to selling goods all the time. For example, Nike, Rebock and many other multi-national companies develop their product logo and statement in a simple manner so that it may reach out to many people. They create good sensations among us even before we buy their goods and services. That is why they are so successful in selling their products in a stylish manner. They create trust and support it with full customer satisfaction.

DIESEL is another successful company that has promoted a wide range of products in a slightly different manner. One of them is a bag where you will find an excellent trademark embossed which says: “57% NO CONCEPT 43% GOOD SENSE.” This logo is very simple but its deeper meaning touches people. I carry this bag everyday, and basically it is my roaming office.

The fine thing about DIESEL is, they admit by this 57 and 43% logo that an average company goes mostly for theory, idea and thought in design but sometimes they lack good sense in the actual items. In my opinion DIESELS message is to use common sense in everything. They have presented a product that shows their GOOD SENSE mingled with style. The most popular products usually present themselves in neat, simple, and practical ways. These techniques make any product look good and sell well. People with good common sense always prefer this type of product.

I have no interest in this company other than as a customer and admirer of their style. Their products appear to have a consumer market that adores simplicity, functionality and durability. DIESEL has proven this. 57% NO CONCEPT, 43% GOOD SENSE makes a big difference and it can have a great meaning in our general way of life.

A lot can be learned from this 57 and 43 percent statement in our country. Nobody is perfect, but applying more honesty to our way of life can cultivate some improvements. The performance and honesty of the leaders and civil servants of this country is so low that it cannot be even considered. They display 57 percent of no concept and 43 percent of no sense. Can’t our bureaucrats, lawmakers, judiciary and politicians learn from this DIESEL bag concept? Even if they have 57 percent rhetoric at least it would be tolerable if they had 43 percent of some sense. This may then develop trust among their consumers, the population, and that would be a vital achievement for them. Therefore, 57% NO CONCEPT, 43% GOOD SENSE has meaning even here in our country.

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