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Three generations women in same pose.


Photographer: Arjun Dhakal Name of Picture : uff…..
Short description: Location: Bijuwar, Pyuthan, Nepal. Camara: SAMSUNG NV3 Why?: Three generations women in same pose.


Lucida, February 22nd, 2009 at 6:21 pm

I’d first like to say to Arjun Dhakal that “well tried”. It’s always easy to comment on others picture, but I think these comments make us think before we click next time.

First of all, picture looks good at first glance but I think it’s not composed well. It’s always a problem with us who are beginners in this field that we take picture from our eyelevel. In this picture also it seems as if we are looking those women from top. It’s always important to give the subject a dignified look. Sometime we have to kneel down, if needed we have to lie down on the ground. It gives us a very well balanced and eye-catching picture. Second point that I felt is Picture would have look much better if you have included that House in the background keeping slightly low angle. It would have effect the overall composition of the picture as well as would provide the information about the surrounding.
Keep clicking and keep sharing.

Niraj Sapkota, February 26th, 2009 at 3:16 pm

This is not a good snapshot without a doubt and Arjun Dhakal could improve lot things in this snapshot at the point when he took it. First of all it’s not well framed which is why it looks very unbalanced and we do get uneasy feeling while viewing it. And it should have framed from eyelevel like one of the commentator said earlier. Including more background would have hold much information. But expressions of these there women can make us have this curiosity why they are trying to tap their nose. So even to give our verdict it would have been much better if Shutterbug can give us small photo caption, just to make sure intention of photographer.

Because photo caption sometimes give totally different perspective to the picture. Just my small suggestion.

Anyway, kudos to this effort to wake photographer within us. I have recently bought Nikon D60 and would love to share my shapshot someday here in EU.

EU Visitor, February 23rd, 2009 at 5:44 am

It’s a Candid shot and moment caught nicely. It may fail to be a good photo but I guess that’s joy of ‘Candid shot’. Moment freezed in time and gives some tickle in our mind.



Without a doubt this is a pure candid shot. An intriguing thing about this snapshot is the way these women trying to avoid something from entering their nostrils. I guess this is a mystery that most viewers do feel like solving. Why they are doing so? Moreover expressions in their faces and the different directions which they are looking at, make viewers get even more curious to know, what make them to react in such a way.

An answer to this mystery may be the one strong reason, what compelled Arjun Dhakal to click this snapshot. Photographically this snapshot seriously lacks some ‘point of interest’ and this is the reason why viewer’s attention gets nowhere and do get confuse the story behind.

Composition is imbalance because photographer seems in hurry to snap the moment rather then going for a perfect shot. Nevertheless this attempt to capture the moment is good.

Here are some ways Arjun Dhakal could have improved this snapshot.

  1. He should have composed this snapshot holding his camera parallel to the ground (See second edited picture above for correct camera holding) I have rotated it slightly to the left and reframed it which later should be cropped to give it a balance composition.
  2. Lucida said it right; about the appropriate viewpoint is going to their eye levels while he takes this snapshot. This would give better more respectable perspective.

Many thanks to Arjun for sharing this snapshot here in Everest Uncensored Viewer’s Verdicts. I hope all these verdicts do help him to improve his way of taking pictures next time. Keep sharing and keep clicking.

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  1. I agree Dhilung Kirat, there are endless possibilities we can discover and be creative in life to inspire humanity. I am glad that this new series of EU is becoming ‘food for thought’ of many budding Shutterbugs.

    I have this secret thought of developing ‘Life in Nepal’ as online photo archive of Nepal. Lets flirt with this thought and explore more.

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