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Let’s go for a long ride.MP.


Photographer: Puspa Shrestha
Name of Snapshot
: Let’s go for a long ride.MP.
Camera: Sony Cybershot 6

I took this snap at home and while I was taking some snaps of my family this gleeful moment got unfolded and I simply can’t stop snapping it as a funny memories. These home team is my nieces and nephews having fun on my bhauju’s scooter.


First: Kishor
June 17th, 2009 at 10:05 pm

“The ideas which photographer gets from comments by viewers from different walk of life definitely prepare her/him to snap well next time. ” Shutterbug said it very well last time, and here I’m making this comment considering the same.

It’s obvious that we tend to comment on pictures regarding what we see and how we like to see. In this snapshot of Puspa Shrestha, the expression in the faces is very nice and candid. It certainly gives a good feeling to viewer. What this picture lacks is proper composition. This picture would look wonderful if photographer would have included front part of scooty, avoiding blank space on the rear side, which is a bit distracting.

To see lot of pictures and try to understand the idea behind the image always helps to improve us. All the best to the photographer and happy clicking.

Second: Suresh
June 17th, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Mood, concept and expressions every thing is great. But not a great composition.
Some space in the right and bottom to tightly framing the whole scooter along with the children would have made this shot WOW…

Third: Samir_insurer
June 25th, 2009 at 8:47 pm

Everyone smiling in the picture also made me smile pleasantly. Different Smiley Expressions of the children are the one of the most attractions in this shot. Don’t know whether it was a planned shot or a snapshot.

Had Mr/Mrs/Ms. Puspa Shrestha composed the shot by cropping the excess spot in the left side & upper side with a bit of low angle it would have been a “Technically Correct Shot”. Subsequently, excessive white & bright colors in Background sometimes make picture bit harsh unless it was taken in front of excessive whitish lights, snowfalls, Sea bla….bla….. But, Mr/Mrs/Ms. Shrestha might not have got plenty of time to think all about during the shot. Keeping all those notes in view, I give my both “Thumbs Up” to Mr/Mrs/Ms. Puspa Shrestha. Keep on Photographing.


Nice capture and very hilarious which I guess is a joy of candid photography. You just need to go with the flow and the results are full of surprises which tickle viewer’s humor. Dear Puspa Shrestha! My thumb up.

It’s a candid shot and candid photography is all about capturing the spontaneity of a moment. I know it is not easy to get perfect shot at the right split second of time but thinking, planning ahead and anticipate what is about to unfold in front of you that you can greatly increase the chances of getting some great shots.

Well three Best Verdicts above by Viewers have already suggested some better ways how this snapshot could turn into Wow! snapshot. I also agree that the composition could be improved. I have tried other better options to improve this snapshot by cropping and also recomposing in Photoshop to give better ideas.



As I have cropped and recomposed it for better composition, it would be simply so perfect if faces of these 2 riders (1 and 2 yellow circle) were also more visible while Puspa snapped it.

One more tips, whenever you get chance to snap pictures try different perspective, not just from this normal height (ie shooting from 3 feet height instead of 5 or 6). Such different perspective put more interest for viewers to view your snapshot.

Good effort and well thought. Keep snapping.

17 thoughts on “Let’s go for a long ride.MP.

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  4. Mabi ji,
    I got your point. I’m not justifying anything on the behalf of Shutterbug. I’m just passing my own opinion. Sometimes photographers experiment with their composition. We get to see some pictures without the head, but the message it conveys justifies the composition. In modern style of Photography, it is not important whether the picture is tilted or some part of subject is missing or picture is not sharp and so on. If that express the photographers idea and have aesthetic quality than it makes sense.
    I’m not sure but looking at the Shutterbug’s shot, the missing part seems intended. In fact we shoot lot of frames but we finally select one, that we find impressive. The picture has depth. The missing part draws the attention and also gives the feel of closeness, than our eyes slowly moves to the second donkey and to the background that complements the picture . Well this is my way of seeing. In puspa’s picture, the case seems same, but it is a different situation as you have mentioned earlier. I don’t see any point in making comparison since the illustration above shows that the picture looks impressive if added some part of the scooty.

  5. Dear Lenscape
    Big thank you once again for your suggestion and for good comment as always. Please don’t think those efforts you take to comments by heart and suggest here in EU is overlooked. Honestly it’s a decent EU visitor like you, who made me think twice, thrice before I hit the ‘submit’, ‘post’ or ‘comment’ button while I do comment and posting new post. So, don’t think you are watering on a sand dun where plants don’t grow. I DO LEARN A LOT FROM YOUR COMMENTS and hope others do the same.

    Definitely we are not confronting here by commenting how we feel and commenting on others views. I wonder why you think I am being satiric while I do so. I always believe in ‘commenting culture’ (like you’ve once said) and do share my views actively there in LIN. I try my best to do so all the time. I guess is the reason why I do have this ‘respect’ or ‘stature’ like you said I have here in EU. But I don’t take this ‘stature’ for granted. As a member of LIN Team and author of EU:VV I do have my limits but I would like to assure that your good suggestions won’t go in vain.

    So, with a positive note, I shall stop going further trying to justify my views on ‘consistency’.

    Lenscape You keep your good comments flowing.

  6. Kishor

    You are right in saying the shots of Shutterbug and Puspa’s shot are totally different. Shutterbug’s taken in a very well lit, beautiful ano no distracting back ground and pretty balanced etc etc. Whils Puspa’s taken what it seems to be like, shadow of various kinds in poor lighting conditions with point and shoot camera.

    There is no comparision about the composition. I accept that.

    As suggested Puspa could have done so many things to improve the composition – repositioning herself more to the left, rearrange the focal length etc etc.

    The question I raised was about the “completeness”. When I saw the drawing of the foot of one of the subjects – it right away reminded me of that donkey of missing ears. My point is both of the pictures (Shutterbug and Puspa) have missing parts !! Is it justifiable to have missing parts in Shutterbugs but not in Puspa’s after the argument that it delivered the message well?

  7. Come on Shutterbug, if you say I am always correct then I have nothing to rescue for my comment made above.

    I have read every (i mean it) comment you have made (as I am relatively late joining this blog as a reader), because of the stature projected here in EU, and I respect that stature of yours. And for me, there is no point in, you saying I am always consistent from the beginning. It is just another line, which is not a good Photographer who clicks very good speaking, but a adamant person speaking.

    It is not mandatory that your comments are consistent always, because we get mature with time, but accepting inconsistency and improving is another part. Interpretation seems to be mood dependent many a times and these days your comments are also becoming (counter comments especially) the same. My comments may not reduce what you are earning by this profession, or may not affect your stature here at EU, but this should not be interpreted as “FORGET WHAT THIS LAYMAN IS SPEAKING”.

    You have added a bad habit (pardon if its heavy) of refuting others in the name of justification. Hope you understand what you mean. A stranger reads all your comment and tells you the relatively good things to improve, and you are not analyzing the reality. I have no intension from now on to go into the details. If you do not have guts to analyze (the truth of deviations), then how can I help.

    I am not into a confrontation here, but only showing my concern. Lets not get carried away and learn to accept. I always said, re-read your comment, and please find out how many times you have deviated and how many times you used rigid words to prove your comments. You yourself will know.

    For correcting your English, if you are not becoming satiric, this layman is always there to suggest.

  8. Dear Mabi ji,
    Good to see your keenness in Shutterbug’s verdict and pictures. Thank you for being inquisitive which I guess will help other EU visitors to learn more about Photography.

    Why ‘the donkey’s missing ear brought “effect” to the composition then why not ‘the missing part’ of scooter’s does the same “effect”?

    Because missing ears of donkey is of no importance for the message that I wanted to convey to the viewers but in this snapshot by Puspa, where including bit more of this scooter wheel on which the whole team were riding, can give more meaning. In photo composition: everything what is important for the message must be to identify at the first glance. Since ‘riding’ is its main message, some emphasis should have given to this scooter and its wheel. While composing pictures photographer must follow such consideration. Photo composition knows some rules basing on human perception and its traditions. Some of the rules work in our subconscious and having a pair of photographer eyes you simply see it vividly.

    And dear Lenscape, thank you for insisting consistency on my comment here in EU but I am consistent from the very beginning and I do feel proud for all the comments I did here in EU. By the way, you can help me improve my English by pointing my mistakes in my comments. Please do so.

    Dear Kishor,
    Thank you very much for sharing this very informative and educating link. It is very good.

    I think the aim of this EU: Viewer’s Verdict series is clearly stated in each post. My purpose here is not to make an impression of superior or judge but to encourage hobbyist, beginners, enthusiastic of photography. Any person or photographer who has some good experience in photography is welcome to contribute their comments in a regular basis for this EUVV series like me. I am always open and flexible with new creative approaches for sharing this art and helping other learn about photography.

    Thank you all for taking time to comment here in EUVV.

  9. I don’t think Shutterbug’s shot of Donkey and the picture above is similar. The picture of the donkey is well balanced (with another donkey behind and backdrop), whereas the shot above is a snap shot taken without much considerations. The difference can easily be seen in the illustration above. As far as being consistent, yes one should try to be while commenting but what I find is the process of learning itself is dynamic. I don’t exactly like the pictures I’ve taken a year back.
    Shutterbug is doing very difficult job here. I also don’t like the idea of judging the comments. It is better to give the right to choose the best comments to the Photographer, rather than judging them.
    I would like to share one link. Though it is written by a Photojournalist but it is worth reading, for all those interested in Photography and Photojournalism.

  10. I agree with Mabi Jee. and this is what I would like to suggest to Shutterbug. You should be consistent. As I suggested in one of my earlier comments, i guess the long one in Bishwa’s pic recently, it time Shutterbug to re-read your comments yourself (you have made a lot of comments). One comment should not refute your earlier comment.

    I am not pulling your leg here, and not becoming satiric. Just wanting you to improve. You may not like these kinds of comment for consistency now, but 10 years after you will feel it yourself.

    Try being consistent, we are there to poke you, and praise you accordingly…

  11. Eliminating dead spaces at the left hand is a good advice.

    I don’t really buy the idea of missing front wheel decreased the visual appeal. I see bias especially with reference to Shutterbug’s composition where the donkey’s missing ear brought “effect” to the composition.

    Isn’t this also a similar shot with missing part of the scooter (as Donkey’s ear), provided that the dead spaces are eliminated?

  12. Thank you all for your valuable comments. Specially I would like to thank shutterbug for all his effort and his comment. I would definitely keep it in my mind before clicking further. Thank you.

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