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Education for all


Photographer: Samir Pradhananga
Name of Snapshot
: Education for all…..
Camera: Sony DSC W30.

Once when I was proceeding my travel towards Botekoshi to be apart of a newly introduced game called “HIGH ROPES” at The Last Resort, along with my friends were having a cup of tea. Suddenly, I saw this guy staying cool like a cucumber just in front of his school at the place. Zero-Kilo, Panchkhal, Kavre. I was so attracted by his position & took this picture.

The guy was staying quite alone & separate from his friends.

I could not figure out that what could be the thoughts running out into his mind. Anyways, Education for all…..


First: Lenscape
May 23rd, 2009 at 2:11 pm

I would like to say that this is just another picture. This picture does not have the “WOW factor”. I see a great amount of obtuse angle between the camera and the knee of the kid, which gives a pseudo-zoom look to the face of the kid. The photographer could have lessen the bluntness in angle for a better perspective.

Also, the kid seems not in cheerful mood (one can see the dull gaze in his eyes) which added a bit of dampness in the picture. I do not find the feeling of school ambiance, as the background sign board tries to indicate. It seems that the photographer clicked this picture when there were no one in the vicinity except the kid. Some kids in the background (which we can expect to be in unmanaged school uniform – soiled pants, dangling tie, loose shoe laces, filthy shoes or naked chapped foot etc..) would have added some “rural and school” ambiance factor to the picture. In the nut shell it would have made the picture more real and closer to life. Had the background not been the school, I would not have commented for the background.

Last but not the least, this picture tries to depict this from the point of view of the kid: “Mom!!, Take me Home, the school is over”.

Second: Kishor
May 22nd, 2009 at 8:46 pm

I won’t say this a bad picture, but seems something is missing. The sign-board and school building as a backdrop is making this picture informative, at the same time expression of the child is making this picture a bit dull. I would have taken this picture covering wider space of School building (giving a bit more space at the right side), making it a kind of environmental portrait, with proper placement of the boy, probably going a bit high (Eye level of the children).

Third: Photo Fanatic
May 20th, 2009 at 9:30 am

Not a ‘WOW’ snapshot. Samir Pradhananga should have put some effort to cheer this boy up before snapping. He looks bemused and intimidated. School signboard behind give more information of this boy and where he studies and from, to viewers so it’s a thoughtful to keep within the frame. Tight framing of the boy face and along with signboard would be better composition.


This school boy seems in no hurry and Samir could take ample time to compose this snapshot. May be Samir was in hurry. Expression on boy’s face is of course not at ease and that makes viewers feel bit harsh approach photographer has made to take this snap. Children are often so soft and easygoing so it takes no big effort to make them wear genuine smile on their faces. These little efforts we make before pushing the shutter always helps to create some connection between viewers and the ‘subject’.

For better composition, I very much agree with Kishor on his idea of ‘environmental portrait’. It would definitely be a better portrait if you could show some environment of the school as this boy’s surroundings within the frame. Doing so will also give a character to this boy and to some extend you can make the boy feel more at ease and more conducive to expressing himself, as opposed to his blunt expression.

0 thoughts on “Education for all

  1. In some previous series of EU: Viewer’s Verdict some commentators said that it’s not a good idea to comment (verdict) on snapshot (pictures) that people snapped randomly. To some extend I agree, it’s just a snapshot and photographers often don’t get time to think of dos and don’t of photography to improve their snapshots on the spot or when things happens, but believe it or not, the ideas which photographer gets from comments by viewers from different walk of life definitely prepare her/him to snap well next time. Moreover understanding how other people view their snapshot is always a learning experience.

    My big salute to those commentators who believe in sharing views here in EU: Viewer’s Verdict. I believe in making constructive comments and promoting ‘Commenting Culture’ once said by Lenscape (the winner of this EU: Viewers Verdict post on Samir’s Snapshot).

  2. My Heratly Gratitude to all of the commentors. Though all of your views & perspective of comments are different, I take this as very analytical, creative & ingenious suggestions. Theses comments mean a lot for me. For us as a biginner of photography, such comments will play a vital role in our upcomming photos. All yours suggestions will surely remind me think twice before pressing the shutter button.

    And Mr. Shutterbug, I appreciate your all efforts for making this snap available in “EUVV” for the month of May 2009. Above than that, a huge round of applause for your suggestions & motivation. Thank you dude. Lets keep meaningful Clicking !!!

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