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Learing Not to Mimicking


Photographer: Prerana Marasini. Name of Snapshot: Learing Not to Mimicking. Camera: Canon Powershot S3 IS.

A young sister prays at Dakshinkali Temple while her brother watches her, probably trying to offer his prayers in much the same way as his sister. I took the picture because it’s a reflection of our own childhood too when we used to copy our elders, so as to avoid any wrongdoings and meet the social standards.


First: Snapshot Fanatic
March 26th, 2009
Nice one snapped in good time! But I would have preferred to use flash to make faces of sister and bother over expressive. Vertical composition could add more information to this snapshot but I rather not be more judgmental since it’s SNAPSHOT and one can’t think of all these aspect of photography when taking snapshot.

Second: lucida
March 27th, 2009
A short description could have make the picture understandable. Btw I found the expression on the faces very strange. As Snapshot Fanatic said earlier it’s quite difficult to be more judgmental in these sorts of Pictures. But like to say keep clicking and be clear about what you want to show through your picture.

Third: Anuj Shrestha
March 24th, 2009
Expression well caught. Innocence of children is always a wonderful moment to freeze in pictures. Besides they grow really fast and each year of the childhood is worth preserving. Nice snapshot.



Snapshot timely snapped the expression of a boy by Prerana. I call this moment as a ‘peak moment’. This snapshot would have made different impression on viewers if both brother and sister were looking at the camera. What I find more interesting about this snapshot is the curious look on little brother has on his face and his innocent gaze at his sister’s face is very spellbinding.

Well from photographic point of view there is not much to comment regarding the composition however, little headroom or space over sister’s head (1) could make it more balance composition. ‘Yellow frame’ could be another good option to compse this shaphot. And I agree with Snapshot Fanatic using flash might have helped to wipe out some shadow from both sister and brother face and that could make their expression more visible.

Prerana! Keep watching! You ‘subject’ are bountiful.

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