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Deerwalk Team Double D Outing to Sauraha

Route Driving (Kathmandu >> Sauraha)
Date October 11 – October 12, 2014
Duration 2 Days
Coordinator Arati Shilpakar, Milan Lohani
Participants Ankita Dev, Arati Shilpakar, Deepak Gurung, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Kedar Khadka, Milan Lohani, Netra Neupane, Nimesh Deuja, Nischal Sharma, Pratik Shrestha, Ram Bhujel, Sushil Kapali, Yangjee Rai
Report By Ankita Dev, Arati Shilpakar, Yangjee Rai
Photos By Kanchan Raj Pandey
Creative Support Arati Shilpakar, Kanchan Raj Pandey
Edited By Ankita Dev

Ankita DevAnkita Dev
It’s 5:30 AM, and all is fairly good in my room.
wait, no that’s not right. let’s start over.
It is 5:30 AM, and all is fairly good in Baghmara Resort, Chitwan. That’s right I am in Chitwan. Why? A good question.

Considering the environment of Chitwan – thousands of species of animals I’d love to know about and different unseen things I’d like to see.

Considering the environment of Chitwan – thousands of species of animals I’d love to know about and different unseen things I’d like to see.The list goes on: I have never
– been to sauraha even though I have been to Chitwan
– had an elephant ride
– experienced canoeing
– played a team building game on a office trip
– stayed on Chitwan resort

And most of all I have never gone on a trip from office.
You name it. I pretty much haven’t done it before and the entire Chitwan tempts me with shiny things. I went to Chitwan for the transparent yet most compelling reason: It was an outing of office. I threw my clothing into a bag and set off for Chitwan. I recommend that you fuel up your stomach before your travel or you might end up having nausea. In middle of Devkota sadak on a chilled day in Baneshwor, we wait with our members, wondering if Ram dai will bother to show up. There are five or six of us here now, out of perhaps thirteen. We had unusual fun on the way and had lots of plans for our trip ahead, which were swimming, canoeing, elephant ride, barbecue and of course enjoying ourselves.

The trip was a full package on its own: swimming was refreshing as expected, Canoeing was a whole lot of more entertaining than I imagined, the barbecue was mouth watering, elephant ride was rather amusing. I wish we had got the same cold water of the Trishuli river in the resort pool. The trip overall made quite an imprint on all of us and I am very much delighted to partake in those experiences with all of Deewalkers.

Arati ShilpakarArati Shilpakar
11th October 2014,a very special day for me as it was my first outing of Deerwalk and more than that I was the co-ordinator of our team. At around 6:00 AM in the morning Deerwalk van picked us up from our respective stops and we headed towards Sauraha.
“Excitement” is the correct word to describe our state of mind on that day as we left Kathmandu.

“Excitement” is the correct word to describe our state of mind on that day as we left Kathmandu.

We were very excited and enjoyed every bit of the moment on our way. We reached Naubise around 9:30 AM where we stopped for our breakfast. Having fueled up, all of us were suddenly in a mood of singing and laughing.

At around 11:00 AM we reached Sauraha, Baghmara Wildlife Resort where we had our reservations. We were welcomed by refreshing drinks by the hotel staff. After a tedious journey, all were now relaxing, some swinging and some chatting. 11:30 AM was our lunch time as planned.

At day time all the swimmers in the team were out in the swimming pool for some really interesting and funny stunts. The very same day at around 2:00pm we left our hotel for a bit of wildlife experience: It was canoeing. We were told by our guide to maintain silence so that we could experience the calmness and serenity of the Rapti River. We were thrilled to have such a delightful view of nature with beautiful birds like kingfishers, not to forget the crocodiles. It was a bit scary though. Oh! How much we were cherishing those moments. Really mesmerizing.

Next up in the line was to catch a glimpse of the sunset, but unfortunately we could not reach on time. Never mind! Sometimes it happens. However, we took several snaps and enjoyed mouth watering pani puri.

Barbecue was all set for us in the hotel as we returned. And Yes! It was also time for our team building activities. Pratik brought some new and interesting games named “odd one out” and “origami” and explained what each one of us were supposed to do. Finally, the winners were declared and of course our barbecue was also ready by that time. Drinks and snacks were served followed by the performances of our very own designer ROCKSTARS!!

Next day, we woke up very early in the morning and had our breakfast as we had to leave for elephant riding at 7:30 AM. We jumped to our rides, namely sundarkali, anarkali, madhurkali: so many kalis! We could see our Sundarkali suddenly making all sorts of noises which were actually signals for her sister madhurkali. Their reunion was mind blowing. Animal sentiments do exist! In fact, more than humans I guess. So, elephant riding was finally over. We had our lunch at around 12:00pm after having a couple of photo sessions and refreshing swimming sessions.
This ends our outing to Sauraha. What a memory I’m taking back. It was just awesome! We returned home with happy hearts recalling all our memories.

Thank you Deerwalk for making this possible.

Yangjee RaiYangjee Rai
Five thirty in the morning, and I was already on deer walk premises ready for the outing tour to begin. This was my third outing of deerwalk, however, my first outing with the design team and I was really excited. Arati was our coordinator for this outing and as planned, some of us were in office while others were to be picked on the way. We took off from the office at about six, a bit earlier I believe.

Once we reached kalanki all of us were in the office van, that’d make altogether thirteen of us. I was really passionate about this outing and we went off with roar, but after some kilometers the twisting and turning road was harsh on me and some of my friends in the van. Poor Ankita suffered a lot from nausea and I myself was feeling quite dizzy. We stopped for tea after about three hours and that helped us freshen up as well.

After we hit the road again we split into two groups and started playing antakshari along the way. It was really fun and all the singing really helped me get rid of the motion sickness I was having a while ago. Before the winner was decided we stopped at a random place to take some pictures on a small water fountain by the side of the roadway.

Soon after we crossed the valley it was plain straight roads which I found much more enjoyable than the turning roads and we were on Chitwan, I could tell cause I had been there before and also by the hot weather. We reached the Bagmara resort as planned and the environment there was quite impressive. I took my time to freshen up and we all gathered for lunch.

As soon as the lunch was over everyone went for swimming leaving behind some of us non-swimmers to enjoy the natural view of the garden and the resort in overall.

As soon as the lunch was over everyone went for swimming leaving behind some of us non-swimmers to enjoy the natural view of the garden and the resort in overall.

At about three we all went for boating in the Rapti river which, for me, was the most terrifying and at the same time best moment of the outing. We were all sitting in one row boat with the water level so close we could touch the water by our hands and if that wasn’t thrilling enough, there were crocodiles in the river to make our experience as adventurous as we thought it would be.

After we returned from the boating, Kanchan dai led us to the sunset viewing site, but sadly we were quite late and missed the sunset, however the trip to the site-point was as fun as it could be. In the evening, we had BBQ along with the team building games organized by Pratik. It was a combination of two games called ‘odd one out’ and ‘origami’. As fun the games were, both of our teams found some glitches and did our best to utilize the loophole in the game and I’m glad to say I actually won the first prize. After the games we went back to singing and enjoying drinks and BBQ. It was the end of the day and we were all looking forward to tomorrow.

The following day started with a welcoming breakfast which we all appreciated after the enjoying yet tiring day we had earlier. After the breakfast we went for elephant riding, which was supposed to be quite near but unfortunately the place had shifted so we had to take a van to some distance away. Once we reached there we broke into groups of four for the elephant ride. We did not get to see any rare animals like the tiger or rhino during the ride, but I was still glad that I got to see some rare and beautiful birds. Although we did want to see rhinos but we were out of luck. After the elephant ride we headed back to the resort for lunch. It was almost the end of the outing, we packed up and were on our way back home.

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