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Deerwalk Squad E Trishuli River Rafting

Title 2014 Jun – Deerwalk Squad E Trishuli River Rafting
Route Driving (Kathmandu >> Benighat), Rafting (Benighat >> Fishling)
Date June 14, 2014
Hike Duration 3.5 hrs
Coordinator Prajwol Shakya
Participants Abhinav Regmi, Awanish Ranjan, Biswas Lohani, Buddha Shrestha, Darshana Shrestha, Jeevan Timilsina, Sulekha Bhandari, Sangita Maharjan, Sumit Shakya, Sumira Shrestha, Surya Bdr Bista, Santosh Prajapati, Suraj Ghimire.
Report By Buddha Shrestha, Darshana Shrestha, Suraj Ghimire
Photos By Sumit Shakya, Rupchandra Maharjan (Travel guide)
Creative Support Arati Shilpakar, Kanchan Raj Pandey
Edited By Rinesh Bajracharya

Trishuli River Rafting

Buddha ShresthaBuddha Shrestha
Spain Vs Netherlands, it was never to be missed. Rafting scheduled the next day was equally important. It was the first one for me, moreover a much awaited one. Some of us were at the office premises and the rest were picked from their respective stations. It was around 7:30 when we left for Malekhu.

It was a sunny morning, a perfect day for rafting. It was more energized by the beautiful scenery down the road from Thankot.

It was a sunny morning, a perfect day for rafting. It was more energized by the beautiful scenery down the road from Thankot. Naubise was the place where we stopped for breakfast. At Banepali Restaurant, mutton curry was the best one they had in their menu. As always they didn’t let us down with their original taste.

After a heavy breakfast, we headed towards our destination, Malekhu. Few of us sharing experiences about rafting, it was so much fun to ride along one of the most beautiful highways, Prithivi Highway. Along with me, most of us were the debutant for this adventure. So we were focused on experiences shared. It was almost noon when we were at the starting point. With a light breakfast as scheduled, we left for rafting. Humid climate and an hour of wait for the turn did exhaust us a bit. Our instructor was a genius. He made every one laugh louder with the way he instructed us.

Before starting, we divided ourselves into two teams, one of 8 and the other of 7. Safety first was the main instruction given to us, so we did take the time on wearing the safety materials. Done with it, it was a time for the adventurous journey, rafting. It was almost a 12-15 kilometers of rafting, which would almost take 3 and half hours. Few of us were really frightened to get started.

After we started having fun was our only goal. We were more focused on instructions from our guide. Every one of us was eager to drive our raft through the powerful rapids, which we did without any harm. Games in between, diving, and swimming at the resting point did entertain us a lot. It was more fun as all of us wanted more after being informed of the end point. It was an overwhelming experience, started with fear and anxiety, done with lots of fun and completed with no harm. It was almost 4:30 when we completed. We returned home after a light lunch. Malekhu’s fish was never to be missed, the taste was same ‘amazing.

We got home with amazing memories of the trip; I am glad to have been a part of it.

Darshana ShresthaDarshana Shrestha
River rafting in Trisuli was amazing and fun filled experience. Trisuli River serves as perfect playground for the rafters. Though the day was hot and sticky with many other challenges to face as none of us was a perfect rafter, with enriching and exciting adventure we enjoyed viewing riverside exquisite, scenic villages, mountains etc too. Every participant of this hike will remember this very day in our whole life time as one of the best hike we had ever had. Also, rafting trip on the Trisuli is an experience not to be missed by anyone and I feel pretty lucky to be part of such a trip organized by our company.

I am still so excited about my hike last weekend i.e Saturday, 14th June, 2014 at the Trisuli River. We all, total of 15 members, were quite lucky enough to participate in such a trip organized by Deerwalk, and believe me it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. We were in a gorgeous location in Trisuli river, the entire weekend where we were surrounded by the mountains and fresh air all day.

We all got up in the in morning, dressed up and were ready to go for river rafting excitedly. Deerwalk van picked all of us from our houses and few from the office itself with respective travelling route and took us to the main raft center (Trisuli).We started with some snacks and tea .After finishing our drinks we decided to head towards the river. On the way, we could hear the river flowing. In the city we won’t be able to see any clean rivers, even more we won’t get a chance to hear that sound of them flowing. So without any stoppage we all headed towards the hotel for refreshment where breakfast was ready to be served. After the heavy breakfast we all walked 10 minutes and reached our final destination, the very river. Finally we were ready for rafting, had our rowing lessons and hopped in our raft which took us on the rafting trip of 15kms which has 9-10 rapids. Many of us, especially girls, were afraid but as time came all went good.

After briefing by our raft guide, the raft trip commenced around 11AM.And since we were 15member we were divide into 2 groups, as the individual raft had the capacity of 8seats only with one raft guide in each raft. Also, raft guide was pointing out many hidden features and hiking routes along the river corridor, then after we took on the water with diligent enthusiasm. While travelling by raft many of us jumped into water and started swimming with our clothes on. I guess that would be my best moment of the day as I was so eager to swim. Well, we must say our raft guide was entertaining too he made us play game inside the raft which was unexpectedly awesome and enjoyed by all of us. After a short while we hit rapid, which is the best and most dangerous part of the rafting as said. While rafting we again had lots of photo session and song singing. Everything was just perfect but still the fun at the river while rafting and swimming can’t be expressed more, unless you experience that moment.

At around 3 to 3:30PM we concluded our day trip where lunch was served at the ending point and the van was waiting to drive us back home. At the end all of us were totally tired and exhausted.
Lastly thanks to our hike leader for doing such an amazing job. Not only did the great majority of pre-trip planning fall on his shoulders, but it was also up to him to finalize the constant process of making decisions on the group’s behalf for the entire duration of the hike.

Suraj GhimireSuraj Ghimire
It was my second hiking indeed, from Deerwalk. The day was Saturday (June 14). The outing plan was scheduled for Rafting in Trishuli River. We’ve been also sent out an email regarding the detail plan for the same. We were told to gather at Deerwalk premises around 6:30 in the morning but I preferred to choose one of the pickup points, Gaushala. Also, colleagues from different pickup points were collected.

While on the way, some of my colleagues were sharing their rafting experiences. Nervousness was all in most of us specially, who were virgin to rafting and I too thought that driving in waves could be scary. We decided to have our breakfast at Naubise and it was around 8:45 when we reached hotel Banepali. Most of us had rice flakes, mutton meat and tea which was bit awkward for breakfast. We made a move from Naubise towards our destination at around 9:15. We reached the hotel, Peace heaven, around 10:15 where a guide from Forever Trekking and Expedition welcomed us. After some photo shoots we rushed for buffet lunch and changed to get ready for the day. After we relaxed a bit and had some more photo shoots again we headed towards the bank of the Trishuli river, an inception point for our destination. It was about 11:30 when we reached to that place. After some waiting time, we were given some training for rafting and health and safety tips for the day. Eventually we started to raft around 12:30.

It was about 3 hours of journey and I along without my team members enjoyed the ride. It was an absolute fun for all of us. We jumped into the water often where we found the still water and we struggled a bit at rapids. We had a break too after almost 2 hour where all the rafters met. We made our move again after a while and after 1 hour of further ride we reached to the final point where everyone met and begun to share their experiences of the ride. I like the idea of taking photos while on the ride from the bridges, cliffs, rocks and even from the highway. The Nepalese flag hooked in front of the raft even made it more appealing. For some of us the ride was totally fun while for others it was scary. We again had some photo shoots and returned to the starting point. We refreshed ourselves and had our lunch at around 3:30. Then, we packed all our stuffs and returned home. While on the way back home, we had delicious snacks (fish) at Malekhu in Machhapuchhre hotel and also tea at Naubise.

I enjoyed throughout the day and I really appreciated for such a great outing organized by Deerwalk. It was my best experience ever and I hope to join most of the outing and hiking in the future. Thank you.

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  1. Some truly wonderful info , Gladiolus I detected this. “Carthago delenda est. (Carthage must be destroyed.)” by Marcius Porcius Cato.

  2. I have loved all of your AMAZING photos from your trip. We went on a trip last year and hiked in the rain forset. It was awesome and I long to go back there daily. I hope that you have a wonderful week. Saw you again on Fit and Fun. You look fabulous as always!

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