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Hiking from Naikap to Kalu Pandey Park

Route Driving (Kathmandu >> Naikap), Hiking (Naikap >> Kalu Pandey Park)
Date August 16, 2014
Hike Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Suman Shakya
Participants Arun Paudyal, Bikash Shrestha, Bikram Shrestha, Kamal Pokharel, Krishna Aryal, Rajiv Neupane, Ramesh Sapkota, Roshan Ghale, Sanjiv Subba Limbu, Suman Shakya
Report By Sanjiv Subba Limbu, Ramesh Sapkota
Photos By Roshan Ghale
Creative Support Arati Shilpakar, Kanchan Raj Pandey
Edited By Rinesh Bajracharya

Sanjiv Subba LimbuSanjiv Subba Limbu
On Aug 16, 2014, Sunday I woke up early in the morning and had my breakfast .I was excited about the hike that was going to be held on the day . I was informed to reach the Sahid Gate (Sundhara) from where I was going to be picked for the hike from Naikap to Kaji Kalu Pandey Park .

We were dropped at Naikap where we had a cup of tea and a short break .We made few preparation for the hike like gathering information from the local people. We started to walk with lots of excitement but with little knowlege of the hike route.

Everyone were excited about the hike . We started to have talk with each other and enjoyed the moment .We walked for about an hour and took rest for a few minutes .

The weather seemed to be quite changeable, sometime it was hot and sunny and sometime it was cold and rainy .

The weather seemed to be quite changeable, sometime it was hot and sunny and sometime it was cold and rainy .We were not rushing, we were slow and steady as we were trying to enjoy each and every moment. We took photos at almost every point that drew our attention . We enjoyed the greenery of the nature , chageable weather and talks with the other members .

It was around 1:15 pm when we reached the village called “Mukhiya Gau”, unfortunately we didn’t find any of the mukhiyas around . The destination was not as easy as everyone of us thought. We started to take rest after every half an hour .

After sometime we reached the “Gumba” . It was really beautiful, everyone of us was quite amazed and excited. Gumba was our place to take rest , take photos and enjoy the peace. It took some of our pain and tiredness away . It energized our body and after few minutes we started to move to the destination we were heading for .
We were running out of water so we started to search for it on our way .We found the source of water at a local house nearby .The source of water was from the hill .The cold water made us energized and lively again . We enjoyed the cucumber and fruits which added energy . After a few minutes we hit the road .

Our excitement was fading because everyone of us were exhausted , tired and dehydrated .It was 3:45 pm , weather was hot and sunny . After walking for a few hour we reached Manakamana temple . After few minutes we reached our destination, Kaji Kalu Pandey Park . All of us prayed and payed tribute. We stayed for an hour. We left the place at 4.30 pm and started to head home .

On way back the weather turned cold and rainy which made us rush. It took more than an hour to reach the place from where we could take our transport . Our journey ended at 5:45 pm . Everyone of us were tired and exhausted but happy .We headed for the hotel where lunch was served . After lunch we returned home .
This hiking will be memoriable for me because it was my first with the team members of Deerwalk. I look forward to many more in the future.

Ramesh SapkotaRamesh Sapkota
I was so excited to go hiking with the Deerwalk team because this was my first hike. Everybody told me that hiking with Everest team will be a lot of fun. So I was very excited about it.

I woke up at 6:30 am and had a cup of tea and headed for the Futsal game. After game, we left the Dhuku Futsal ground with some participants at around 10:30 am. We picked up all the remaining participants from their informed location on the way.

At Naikap, all of us had short breakfast and, picked some snacks and water for the journey. After breakfast, we started our real hike with lots of excitement.

We reached the village called “Mukhiya Gau” and took rest for a few minutes.

We reached the village called “Mukhiya Gau” and took rest for a few minutes. Hike was more challenging because weather was sunny and really hot. Although, we enjoyed the greenery of the nature , chageable weather and taking lots of photographs of those panoramic views of beautiful mountains were really pleasing experience.

Walking continuously for about an hour, we reached the artistic, decorative and peaceful Gumba.. It really gave positive vibe to our mind and soul. We took some rest and photographs and then left the place and continued our journey.

Local ‘Nashpati’ and ‘kakro’ brought energy to us to reached the Manakamana Temple, from there our destination was not too far. Therefore we decided to rest for a few minutes. At 3:45pm we reached one of the historical place, “Kalu Pandey burial ground”. All of us prayed and payed tribute for his contribution on campaign for a unified Nepal. We all felt proud to be at the historical place. After an hour we returned back home. The trip ended at 5.30pm and we headed to a hotel for lunch.

The memory of my first hike can never to be forgotten, as it was exceptionally enjoyable and to some extent historic one too.

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