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Dovan Rai


2007 rhymes

This new year eve,
I realized my heart growing cold,
with cynicism : an adult infection.

Trapped in this adult world,
so grey and so cold,

I longed for the old days,
when the sky is clear blue and grass is naïve green,
rainbows are purely colorful,
snails are innocently fascinating, and I am always cheerful.

Oh ! only if I could borrow a bit of this childhood heaven
in this new year 2007 !!


240 thoughts on “2007 rhymes

  1. Great amazing things here. I¡¦m very happy to see your post. Thank you a lot and i’m taking a look forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  2. “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional”
    -Chili Davis

    Dovan your poem was beautiful..
    “Oh ! only if I could borrow a bit of this childhood heaven
    in this new year 2007 !!” That’s really cute!

    ♥Akriti Panthi♥

  3. Oh Pawan don’t scold a child. Yo are a man don’t talk like wuss. Lets sing a lullaby

    Pawan you are a man
    You are a superman
    You are a knight
    You are Mr. Right
    How bold like tiger
    With all burning desire.

  4. ‘Being young at heart’ माने उमर पचपन दिल बचपन?दोभनलाई त्यसो भन्न मिल्छ? अनि के सधै grade 8 मै अल्झिरहने?
    यो त grade 8 sense of humor भएन फोनिक्स्?

    दोभन, अब बच्चा पाउने उमेरमा बच्ची जस्तो कुरा गर्ने?

  5. To work in children’s magazine is one of my many dreams,

    pawan, u r right,

    I love to draw cottony clouds, pretty flowers, chirping birds, nibbling squirrels and all little childish things.

    Pawan seems to be a stupid senile(based on his idiotic comments in other posts, not this one (…he may be right this time))

    but I am pretty sure,
    little pawan must have had better songs to sing !!!

  6. Mr. Pawan i think u haven’t heard the saying…
    Being young at heart..
    Everyone regardless of age or experience.. has a childish nature inside themselves.. that’s reflected as inquisitiveness, creativity, gr8 sense of humor..

    the design above is infact jovial and not childish at all..

    “Growing up” is a never ending process… we get ‘a day older’ every other day.. and also we are responsible enough to keep a job at hand.. wht more is there to grow up..

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