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2 Days Hike To Kulekhani

Route Thankot >> Chitlang >> Markhu >> Kulekhani
Date March 9-10, 2019
Hiking Duration 9 Hours
Coordinator Dibyamshu Shrestha
Participants Anshu Kiran Sharma, Bhesh Raj Pokharel, Ganesh Khadka, Jeevan Raj Shah, Nitesh Regmi, Prasanna Pandey, Preksha Shukla, Santosh Kumar Sah, Saurav Chapagain, Sitamsh Rijal, Shristi Baral, Sunil G.C, Sunit Bajracharya
Report By Jeevan Raj Shah
Photos By Ganesh Khadka, Sunit Bajracharya
Creative Support Dipal Malla

Jeevan Raj ShahJeevan Raj Shah
After the announcement of two days hike everyone got excited. Finally, On March 8th (Friday) our coordinator Dibyamshu set the pickup points and the destination was chosen to be Markhu as it was the first experience for most of the 15-member squad.

So the day after tomorrow I arrived at Deerwalk complex at the scheduled time of 7 am eager for my first two-day hike. In the drive towards Thankot, everyone was picked up. Before starting our journey we fueled ourselves at a local restaurant at Godam Village. As our Roshan dai who is from Chitlang suggested us to take an uphill journey, we started our hiking. For some of us first few hundred meters of steep hill climbing turned out to be more of a challenge but with few sips of water, sound of birds chirping, passing through rhododendron forest and mesmerizing view of Kathmandu valley was worth the sweat.

After 3 hours of climbing, we reached the top of the Chitlang pass where we took a short refreshment break. Taking few clicks of group photo we headed towards Chitlang village down the hill. Everyone was on their full throttle, clicking the pic, cracking the joke, enjoying the road and gulping the snacks, we reached the chitlang village. Where we visited Rosham dai’s home and went to Chitlang Hotspot Cottage for our lunch. Taking lunch stretching our legs we were off for our destination(Markhu) with the power of daal/bhaat everyone was full of energy. With plain road, clear skies, refreshing wind the long 6 km seem nearer.

We took a detour from the main road towards pine forest unsure about the route we followed the trail with the glimpse of Indrasarovar Lake (Kulekhani) we took long breath of satisfaction. Ultimately after 8 hours of walk, we reached Markhu. As our hotel was across the river so we had to take the boat which was a fun experience. Night was chilly so we started the bonfire, we did few fun activities and took our dinner. As it was 9 pm so, everyone sat around the fire talking with each other which really helped to know about each other. At 12 am we headed for our bed.

Next day we got up and went for a short morning walk near the Jholunge pul as our breakfast was not ready. After breakfast and taking pictures we set on our final journey towards the upper side of Kulekhani Dam. As we were approaching the upper dam we saw our van waiting for us. Our journey was coming to end, everyone agreed on the final travel lunch of fish and rice. Eventually, we headed toward Kathmandu ending our trip with guff by-passing guff pointer exception (Bhes Dai’s invention).