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119. Together in Sweet Dreams.. (Creative Support: SuyeshN)
Photo By: Pukar Risal

0 thoughts on “12-17-2007

  1. Well, about the caption, I agree with Shutterbug but who knows? You don’t have control over your dream. They might be enjoying at least in their dream which might bring smile to their face when they wake up.

  2. Good Picture and it tells a true story. It is a glimpse of harsh reality those street children fight to brave every chilling nights here in various streets of Kathmandu and just behind the glass wall “A Perfect Mockery” of our society, where people can afford thousand rupees to wear wardrobes made in such fancy boutique. Well we don’t need billions of dollars to HELP these needy street children but ‘a willing heart’.

    They say, “Before you can give to others, you need to have enough for yourself. Mother Teresa had two sarees and a bucket”. Small act of kindness can change this reality. TRY IT.

    Thanks for posting such picture but I must tell that caption is no good. Do anybody imagine that those two street children were in ‘Sweet Dream’?

  3. oh Is it footpath in this cold season? so bad. We need billions of dollars to help such people out. God is wonderful.People can survive in severest conditions.

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