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118. Free Flight and Food  (Creative Support: SuyeshN)
Photo By: Shrawan Shrestha

0 thoughts on “12-14-2007

  1. Pictures always amaze me and I know it does to many. Nice pictures of pigeons in flight at the Basantapur Darbar Square and faster shutter speed allowed photographer to freeze pigeon’s wings making it a very dramatic and creative picture. Photographer can take many such amazing pictures if he/she knows his/her tool and all the features in his/her camera. Well I do enjoy viewing pictures here in Everest Uncensored but hey! How about posting some detail caption: Where picture was taken? Which Camera its type (DSLR, SLR or Point and Shoot)? And if possible: camera setting? (which like camera mode) so that many will love to see pictures and at the same time also learn some photography tips. I know this way we can share this art of photography to many D2Hawkeye Team. 😉

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