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114. Drying Paddy Grain (Location: Bhaktapur, Creative Support: SuyeshN)
Photo By: Rajendra Keshari Pandey

0 thoughts on “12-10-2007

  1. Hello Rajendraji I’ve read your articles in himalayan times, they are great ! is it possible to contact you?

  2. Thanks buddy for good tips and suggestion. I love it. See I am not a trained or professonal photographer. I click, just click the way I like. This photo was taken from a moving car, found it good situation, so took the photo quickly. Your such suggestion and technical tips will help/enable me to improve further. I am grateful and thanks for that.

  3. Well ‘SUBJECT’ is good still photographer should have avoid movie poster behind the old lady because it distract viewer’s attention. And old lady is also not in focus. To create a beautiful pictues always remember to keep your subject in focus and don’t be lazy to move around the subject to choose perfect angle and simplify your pictuers. One more tips.. always go for different angle while composing pictues so that it will looks intresting and unique.

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